Q. What is a Career Advancement Academy?

A.  CAAs accelerate student progress by integrating work readiness, career guidance, support services, contextualized basic skills, language learning and career technical training. Students take classes together as a cohort, forming a peer learning community.  English as a second language classes are contextualized focusing on concepts and material used in the industry.


Q. How long does the program take to complete?

A. Project ACCESS is a two year part-time program


Q. What is the current cost of the program?

A. California residents pay $46 per unit, taking 6 units per term and a book loan program is available.


Q. What are the requirements for the program?

A. Eligibility to work in the United States


Q. What if I don’t complete the program all at once? Will I still get college credit for the classes I did complete?

A. Yes, you will get college credits for the classes you do complete.


Q. Am I guaranteed a job at the end of the program?

A. No, however with the support from our staff you will be prepared to network, present your resume, look for jobs, go on interviews, and much more.


Q. What can I do with my certificate/degree?

A. The following occupations are possible with your certificate or degree:

  • preschool classroom aid, teacher assistant
  • family child care provider, before and after school caregiver
  • parent educator/resource and referral professional
  • professional growth advisor
  • social service worker, foster care provider
  • camp counselor or recreation program leader