Program Classes

Bridge Class: Vocational ESL for early childhood education

This pre-college class will prepare you to take the “linked class” at Contra Costa College or Diablo Valley College. This class will help you to improve your English skills and learn child development vocabulary and concepts.

Linked ESL/ECE classes  

The linked class is a combination of a core early childhood education (ECE) class and an English as a Second Language (ESL) class. The ESL class will help you to read and understand the textbooks and assignments, take notes, study for tests and improve your writing. In the ECE class, you will spend time in primary language groups so you can discuss what you are learning in your first language.

  • ECE 124   Child Development and Psychology
  • ECE 123   Introduction to Curriculum in Early Childhood Education
  • ECE 125   Principles of Early Childhood Education
  • ECE 130   Child, Family, and Community

       Plus ESL 091   Topics in Vocational English Skills

Tutorial classes  

The tutorial class is designed to assist you while you are taking regular ECE and general education classes at Contra Costa College or Diablo Valley College. You will attend the class and then meet a second time during the week with one of our tutorial teachers. The weekly tutorial class goes over difficult vocabulary and concepts, helps you to complete assignments and to study for tests.