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“I believe that my skin can have wrinkles, but not my mind and my heart, so I decide that today is when I have to see my dream become a reality.”   -Elena Palacios, Project ACCESS student

Are you interested in a career working with children and helping to develop the minds of our future leaders?  Is English your second language and do you wish to improve your English reading, writing and speaking skills?  Then Project ACCESS may be just for you.

Project ACCESS is a partnership between Diablo Valley College and Mt. Diablo Adult Education to prepare students for success in the DVC Early Childhood Education Certificate Program. It provides ESL support, college preparation skills, career training and other support services for ESL students who want to enter and advance in the early childhood education field.

Students can start at the Mt. Diablo ESL for ECE Bridge class to get ready for college classes. Students who assess at ESL-087 (High Intermediate Integrated Reading, Writing and Study Skills) can start at DVC, taking one Early Childhood Education class with a linked ESL class per term. The same textbook is used with a team of instructors who collaborate on all assignments.

The following sequence of linked courses are taken together

Courses Term
ECE-124 and ESL-110 Fall 2022
ECE-123 and ESL-111 Spring 2023
ECE-130 and ESL-113 Fall 2023
ECE-125 and ESL-112 Spring 2024

Project ACCESS 4-easy steps to get started4 Easy Steps to Join Project ACCESS

The classes are taught in the evening to allow students to work and go to school.

Additional information about Early Childhood Education certificate and degree programs.

Basic information about Project ACCESS:

  • a Bridge Program from Mt. Diablo Adult Education ESL Program to Diablo Valley College prepares students for college level ECE and ESL courses
    • Summer Bridge Orientation at DVC provides a transition for adult school students who will be registering for college classes for the Fall term.
  • students earn associate teacher certificate
  • tuition assistance may be available for students qualifying for a Board of Governors Waiver
  • textbook loans are provided

Project ACCESS program goals and benefits:

  • provides access for ESL students to achieve certification in the early childhood education field
  • increases student success through linked curriculum
  • increases students’ confidence and employability

Requirements for Project ACCESS program:

  • register for ESL and ECE linked courses after ESL placement is confirmed

Project ACCESS career support:

Our college staff will work with you to define your career goals and the necessary steps towards employment preparation in the following ways:

  • educational counseling
  • assistance with ECE Permit applications

Students who are employed in early care programs are eligible for additional supports.

Next steps to enroll in Project ACCESS:

To learn how to enroll or for more information contact:

Mariana Rios
Early Childhood Education/Student Resources
Diablo Valley College

“El apoyo y motivacion que recibo en Project ACCESS, me da la seguridad de que cumplire mi meta de convertirme en maestra.”

“All the support and encouragement that I get in Project ACCESS, makes me feel confident that I will achieve my goal of becoming a teacher.”

- Karina Martinez, Project ACCESS Student

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"I recommend this rich program for those who want to study and work in the field of Early Childhood Education, and at the same time they strive to develop their English language. This program provides professional lessons in addition to the great support provided by the wonderful teachers."
- Hafsa Ameur, Project ACCESS Student

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