Class Promotion Guide

The DVC Marketing Department is small but mighty. We focus on enrollment objectives for the college at-large. Due to scale that means we market programs, not classes. Even so, we know you need support. Below are some ways you can get the word out about your classes.   

But, first, something to consider. Good marketing is not about reaching the most people. It’s about: 1) making sure audiences have such a great experience with you that they will tell their friends (referrals aka social proof are everything!), and beyond that it’s about: 2) reaching the right people. 

Engage Your Current Students 

  • Share details about the course in your classes, post to your Canvas shell and encourage students to spread the word.
  • Ask students to provide a testimonial about their experience in your class or with you via the student testimonial form (we’ll make sure you get a copy). You can use this in your own announcements and the Marketing Department may use it to support marketing efforts for your program.
  • Your department chair can contact about limited opportunities for contacting your department’s active majors.

 Use Your Faculty Network

  • Mention the course to your colleagues, in their capacity as faculty advisors and instructors, to recommend it whenever appropriate, allow you to make a short visit to their classes to make an in-person announcement, or provide details (a PPT slide is great!) that can be posted to your colleagues’ Canvas announcements. 

Electronic Signage & Bulletin Boards 

  • Check out our campus promotion guidelines for details on how to use monitor signage and bulletin boards in your areas. You’ll need to provide your own graphics. The Marketing Department will be launching templates for these very soon. In the meantime, Canva (no S, this is NOT Canvas!) is an easy-to-use tool with an array of plug and play templates.  

Host an Informational Session 

  • Host an information session about your program, classes, and, of course, the related career outlook. Potential students would love to meet you! You can announce it on the DVC Events Calendar. This will give you extra exposure on the website while generating interest in your program at the same time. We also tend to include events from the calendar in the eConnect student newsletter and on social media.  

Engage Faculty at Other Institutions, Community Partners & Industry Connections 

  • Promote the course to students, faculty members or professionals outside of DVC.