Order Business Cards

Steps to order business cards 

  1. Log into your Office Depot business account. Please note: You need to use Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer (Safari does not work with this process).
  2. Once you are logged in, click on the "Brand Identity" link located across the top of the page.
  3. It will take you directly to the DVC business card page where you need to choose a quantity then click “create”.
  4. Choose which campus/logo you need. If you are located at San Ramon Campus, click “San Ramon”. If you are located at the Pleasant Hill Campus, click “Pleasant Hill”.
  5. Fill in the blank form with your personalized information. The location would be your room number and/or building. Or you can leave that blank. Note that the system does not accept email addresses other than @dvc.edu
  6. Review your information then click “Next” in the upper right-hand corner.
  7. An option will be given to confirm your quantity, email a proof and view a PDF of your proof. 
  8. If you find a mistake, there is a back button on the upper left.
  9. Once approved and corrected, click the box that says “I accept & approve my artwork”. 
  10. Your business card purchase order is now in the shopping cart.  If you have more business card orders to place, you can click the “continue shopping” above the receipt shown and place more orders. 
  11. Once you have placed all your orders, click “check out”. Please review and verify all the information and type the GL if you have one. It will give you an estimated date for delivery which is usually 7-10 days. 

Who is billed?  

The department affiliated with your Office Depot account.

How much does it cost? 

  • 250 cards: $13.48 plus tax   
  • 500 cards: $17.34 plus tax 
  • 1,000 cards: $21.12 plus tax 

Policies and style standards


  • Full-time faculty titles: Professor of xxx
  • Part-time faculty titles: Adjunct Professor of xxx
  • Staff members with generic job titles - include area after title (ex: Administrative Assistant, Instruction Office)

Contact information:

  • There must be at least one DVC contact (phone or email)
  • We cannot include personal website URLs
  • We cannot include logos or references to non-DVC employment

What will my business card look like?


business card example

Contact Communications and Marketing

Brandy Howard  925-969-2048 bhoward@dvc.edu
Media Design Specialist:
Ivan Vielma-Sanchez   ivielma518@dvc.edu
Web Administrator:
Ken Statham 925-969-2051 kstatham@dvc.edu
Communications and Marketing Coordinators:
Keith Parsons 925-969-2054 kparsons@dvc.edu
Lori Golden 925-969-2050 lgolden@dvc.edu
Web Project Coordinator:
Tanuja Dhanalekshmi   tdhanalekshmi990@dvc.edu
Product Marketing Specialist (Career Education)    
Ryan Blauvelt   rblauvelt421@dvc.edu