DVC Style Guides, Logos, Templates, and Forms

Creating a consistent brand is vital to the success of DVC. This creates a familiar and professional appearance to current and prospective students.

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Style guides

The style guides are here to help you understand the rules and guidelines for the DVC brand. We want to keep these guides up to date and easy to understand. Please contact the communications and marketing department if something is not clear or if you have a suggestion to improve our guides.

Web style guide

This guide will provide information on:

  • writing style,
  • overall page layout,
  • headings,
  • how to emphasis information,
  • grammar,
  • typography,
  • image requirements,
  • navigation,
  • ADA information, and more.

View our web style guide.

For an example of how a DVC webpage should be formatted, see web styles.

Branding style guide

This guide will provide information on:

  • design,
  • logo use,
  • approved colors,
  • typefaces,
  • photos,
  • available design elements, and more.

View our branding style guide.

Print style guide

This guide will provide information on:

  • terminology,
  • abbreviations,
  • symbols,
  • currency,
  • dates and time,
  • spelling,
  • capitalization,
  • punctuation,
  • common errors, and more.

View our print style guide.

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DVC logos

It is important that the official DVC logo is used whenever applicable. Keeping our logo consistent helps build our brand. Once you download the logos, you will see there are many color options and styles you can choose from. If you have questions about our logo, please contact the communications and marketing office.

Pleasant Hill logo

San Ramon logo

Please note: EPS (print) logos may appear pixilated on your screen, but will print correctly. If you use a print file for the web, or vice versa, it may appear pixelated or fuzzy. If you're unsure what file type to use, please contact the communications and marketing office.

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The DVC templates are provided for use by authorized faculty and staff to be used for official college business and communications.

PowerPoint template

Branded Zoom Backgrounds

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Photo release forms

Photo release form - minor

Photo release form - adult

If there are other forms you regularly need from the communications and marketing office, please let us know and we will add them to this page.

Clear language guide

We recommend using this quick reference guide to achieve clear language in student-facing communications.

Clear language guide (Communications Committee draft)

Clear language best practices for the web (tips)

Online Writing Tips for Program Awareness (Zoom workshop recording)

Contact Communications and Marketing

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Media Design Specialist:
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Web Administrator:
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Communications and Marketing Coordinators:
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Lori Golden 925-969-2050 lgolden@dvc.edu
Web Project Coordinator:
Tanuja Dhanalekshmi   tdhanalekshmi990@dvc.edu
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