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The communications and marketing office has multiple ways to help you distribute information to students. If there is a specific way you'd like to share your information and do not see it below, let the communications and marketing office know as we are always trying to expand our tools to reach students.

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Social media

The communications and marketing office maintains a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page for DVC. These are great outlets to reach students and the community with important information. Events, important dates and deadlines, application periods, and club activities are just some of the many things we promote on these accounts. 

  • If you would like to communicate your item on our social media accounts, please submit requests to
  • Please note: the communications and marketing office does not recommend creating social pages for your department unless you've received requests from students and you have a solid strategy with a staff person committed to keeping the page updated.

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Events calendar

The DVC events calendar is one of the best ways you can promote your event to students. 

To submit your event, complete the event submission form.  

Once you have submitted your information, the communications and marketing office will review and publish your event on the live calendar.

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DVC website

There are a few ways that information can be shared via the DVC website. 

Area specific pages

If you would like to share information on a webpage in your area, and you do not have access to edit your pages, please complete (or have your manager complete) a website request form


The homepage slide show items are up to the sole discretion of the communications and marketing office and often there is a waiting list for items to appear here. If you would like to make a suggestion for a story or important information, please contact the communications and marketing office. 

Courses to consider

We are not able to promote individual courses, but we have a webpage that is highlighted on all of the student email that promotes any new courses (or older courses taught in a new format, or at a new time slot, etc.)

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Campus monitors

The college has several digital display monitors across the campus where important information for students and upcoming events are posted. If you have a specific request to promote an activity, event or deadline on a campus monitor, please contact the communications and marketing office for more information. 

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The SUCEESS at DVC newsletter is a weekly email newsletter that goes out to all currently registered students. Please see our SUCCESS at DVC page for guidelines on the type of information that is included in the newsletter. 

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Posting on campus


The first step to posting a banner on campus is to propose a specific location by emailing the communications and marketing office. Currently, the communications and marketing office has several locations identified where we permanently hang banners, and those locations cannot be used for any other purpose. Any new location will have to be approved by the cabinet. 

If your banner contains only words (and in a single color) ... you may work directly with the print shop to create your banner. If your banner contains graphics, logos or photographs, then it has to be designed by the communications and marketing office and you must submit a design request.


The student life office has 13 bulletin boards across campus and all postings on this board must be approved and posted by the ASDVC. All other postings must be placed in approved locations in your own office, division office etc. To post in another department's area you must first obtain their permission. All other questions about posting on campus should be referred to the communications and marketing office.

Please see the design request page for information on which posters/flyers you can create on your own, and which ones need to be designed and branded by the communications and marketing office.

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Class promotion guide

We recommend using this checklist as a guide to successfully get the word out about your classes at DVC.

Class promotion guide

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Contact communications and marketing

Chrisanne Knox 925-969-2048
Media design specialist:
Sharrie Bettencourt 925-969-2049
Web administrator:
Ken Statham 925-969-2051
Communications and marketing coordinators:
Keith Parsons 925-969-2054
Lori Golden 925-969-2050

Can't find what you're looking for? 

Send us an email or stop by our office in AB-223, campus map