Career Services FAQs

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How do I use DVC's Job Board (College Central Network)?

  1. Go to the DVC Online Job Board
  2. Click “Create Account” and fill in all fields with a red asterisk.
  3. Complete registration information.
  4. Click “My Home Page”.
  5. Click “Search for Jobs/Opportunities Posted to my School”.
  6. Click on red Job ID links to view more information about each job.
  7. You can also upload or build a resume under “Manage My Resume”
  8. There are also other services to browse, including searching internships and events such as job fairs at DVC, all from the CCN home screen.

How do I choose a major or career?

Visit our Explore Careers page and select one or more of the links provided.

Where can I research labor market information about careers?
Visit our Explore Careers page and select one or more of the links provided.

I have never looked for a job before.  How do I get started?
Visit our Prepare for a Job Search page and follow through the steps.

How do I write a cover letter?
A cover is a letter addressed to the employer telling them a little more about your professional self that your resume doesn’t cover.  Visit our Prepare for Job Search page and check out our samples and instructions for cover letter writing.

How do I prepare for a job interview (questions, clothes, etc…)?
Visit our Prepare for a Job Search page and select one or more of the links provided about interviewing etiquette and dress.

When is DVC's Job Fair held?
DVC hosts an annual Job Fair each spring. Please check out our Upcoming Events page for more information.

How do I prepare for DVC's Job Fair?
Check out our Preparing for Job Fair flyer for tips and tricks on how to make the make the best of our Job Fair experience.

Do I qualify for an internship?
Students at all levels of education are eligible to participate in an internship - freshman through graduate student - depending upon the needs of the organization. The intern sponsor determines the qualifications and skills needed for each position. Visit our internship page for more information about internships.

Can I receive academic credits for my internship work?
Yes, if specific University and academic department standards are satisfied. Not all internships qualify for academic credit[CA3] . Visit the Work Experience Education page for more information about college credits for work experience.

How do I find a job on campus?
First check our DVC job board. If after checking the job board if you don’t find an appropriate job opportunity, go to the departments you are interested in working at DVC in person and turn in a resume and/or application, and let the head of department know you are interested in employment.

How can I find out when employers are coming to DVC?
Visit DVC's Event Calendar and click on Career and Transfer for information about upcoming Employer visits.