Cooperative Work Experience Education

What is Cooperative Work Experience Education? (Video clip)

Work Experience is a course for students who already have a job/internship. It is an academic individualized work-based learning opportunity where you design your learning objectives.  You earn credit for learning that takes place at your job or internship. This course can also help you to enhance your grade point average and maintain full-time college status.

There are three different Cooperative Work Experience Education courses:

WRKX-160 (2-3 units): For students whose current job does not relate to their academic and/or career goal.

WRKX-170 (2-4 units): For students whose current job relates to their academic and/or career goal.

WRKX-180 (2-4 Units): For students working in a paid/unpaid internship or volunteer position that relates to their academic and/or career goal.

295 Course Series (2-4 Units): For students whose current degree/certificate requires a discipline-specific work-based learning course. (Example: CULN 295)

296 Course Series (2-4 Units): For students whose current degree/certificate requires a discipline-specific paid/unpaid internship or volunteer position. (Example: CULN 296)

Students complete orientation and schedule one teacher meeting per term and can earn up to a total of 16 units while enrolled at DVC.

How Many Units Should You Take?

Hours vs Units Chart

How to enroll in Cooperative Work Experience:

There are three steps to enroll in a Work Experience Education course.

To enroll, you must check your DVC email daily or forward to your personal email address. 

Follow these three steps:

1. Register for ONE (1) Work Experience course in WebAdvisor:

  • WRKX-160 General
  • WRKX-170 Occupational
  • WRKX-180 Internship (Paid or Unpaid)
  • 295/296 in your major (Ex: CULN 295 or HORT 296)

2. Complete a WRKX Employment Information Form

3. Attend one of the mandatory orientations (see schedule below)

* Students who do not complete all three steps may be dropped from the class.

FALL 2018 Orientation Schedule

Monday August 27 9:45-11:00 am HSF 292 Pleasant Hill
Tuesday August 28 12:45-2:00 pm ATC 115 Pleasant Hill
Wednesday August 29 5:00-6:15 pm HSF 292 Pleasant Hill
August 30
5:00-6:15 pm E-160 San Ramon


LATE Start Orientation Schedule (Only for students registered in late-start sections)

 Tuesday  September 11  12:45-2:00 pm  ATC 115  Pleasant Hill
 Wednesday September 12  5:00-6:15 pm  HSF 292  Pleasant Hill


Questions about Cooperative Work Experience?

 WRKX-180 UNPAID Work Experience Internship Forms

International Student Procedures


What are students saying?

Having objectives pushed me to seek out new responsibilities and accomplish those responsibilities. I learned new skills, like creating professional brochures/programs for events.  Sean

By taking this course, it forces you to take an active role in improving your work habits. This only helps you to become a better employee.  Monica

The Coop program has helped me become more active and willing to do my job. I want to make sure all my assignments are completed for my job and for the program, so I have more purpose while doing the work.  Elizabeth