DVC Work Experience Education FAQs

What is Work Experience Education (WRKX)?

Work Experience Education, formerly known as CO-OP, is an individualized work-based learning course where students earn college credit for on-the-job training and experience at their job or paid/unpaid internship or volunteer position.

Do I have to have a job/internship before enrolling in WRKX? 

Yes. Your course number and objectives are specific to a particular job. If you need help finding a part-time, full-time or internship position, visit Career and Employment Services or register for our online job board to search for jobs posted specifically for DVC students! For more information on WRKX program requirements, please click here. 

Who can take WRKX courses?

Any DVC student who is currently employed, or has a paid/unpaid internship or volunteer position is eligible for Work Experience courses. This includes full-time, part-time, and international students!

NOTE: International students are welcome and encouraged to participate in Work Experience Education. However, international students must work with the DVC International Students Admissions and Services Office for further advising on eligibility and work requirements prior to enrollment.

How does WRKX work?

Students work one-on-one with a college instructor to craft individualized learning objectives that align with their current job or internship/volunteer position.

The instructor then meets with the student and their worksite supervisor to implement and assess the jointly crafted learning objectives throughout the term until the end of term. 

Why take WRKX?

Work based learning is an excellent way to implement your classroom content, build your employability skills, and gain valuable leadership skills. In addition to developing these key skills, Work Experience is a great way to build your resume, maintain full-time student status and courses are CSU transferable! 

When is WRKX offered?

Work Experience is offered each academic term (fall, spring and summer) – with late-start courses available during the fall and spring terms! Stay up to date on program information and orientation schedules.

What are the different WRXK courses offered at DVC?

Beginning in FALL 2016 there are more Work Experience options than ever! DVC will continue to offer its “traditional” offerings of Work Experience Education courses: WRKX 160/170/180. 

DVC now offers new discipline-specific Work Experience courses (295/296 course series) for programs that require a work-based learning component for completion. Learn more about course offerings.

How do I enroll in WRKX courses?

There are three easy steps to enroll in the Work Experience Education course that is right for you!

  1. Register for ONE WRKX course in InSite: WRKX-160/WRKX-170/WRKX-180, or discipline-specific course
  2. Complete a WRKX Employment Form
  3. Attend one of the mandatory orientations (During remote instruction, orientations will be completed online)

Note that the enrollment steps are the same for new or repeating students.

When are WRKX orientations held?

During remote instruction, orientations will be completed online

 DVC offers a range of orientations to fit your schedule. With afternoon and evening options offered at both the Pleasant Hill and San Ramon campuses, DVC strives to make access to Work Experience courses and orientations easier than ever. 

Keep an eye out for fall and spring Late Start options too! Learn more about orientation dates and locations.

Do I have to attend a WRKX orientation?

Yes! Students must attend an orientation session prior to the start of term. Returning students who successfully completed WRKX with a grade of "B" or higher in the previous term may be eligible for the online orientation option. Contact the Work Experience coordinator for more information.

How many hours do I have to work or how many units can I get?

The number of hours worked determines how many units you can earn.

My employer and I have more questions about WRKX. What should I do?

You and/or your employer are encouraged to contact the Work Experience Education coordinator - by email at WRKX@dvc.edu.