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Internships vs. part-time work

Internships can be paid or unpaid. They can be for credit or not for credit.  And they can even be one-time-only or repeated experiences (such as summer internships done during consecutive summer breaks).  Because of this, there is often confusion among students and supervisors alike: "What makes an internship different from a part-time student job, or just volunteering to work for free?"  In reality, there is ONE primary identifying element that distinguishes an internship from all other types of employment: An internship, by definition, must include a specific learning objective. Read more...

US Department of Labor- Internship Programs Under the Fair Labor Standards Act

12 steps to setting up an intern program

Internship programs offer tremendous benefits to businesses in terms of increasing productivity and recruiting well-suited staff members-especially in small-to-medium sized organizations.

Implementing an internship program can seem daunting: What's your first step? What's your next step? And how do you know if your company can handle an internship program?  In reality, setting up an internship program is similar to starting any new program or project: It's crucial you have a plan. Once you do, however, it's as easy as checking items off a list until that plan is put into action. Knowing how to start an internship program is no different. Read more...

10 internship characteristics that attract exceptional interns

Some employers believe that the current economy means companies have their choice of available interns.  They think that, due to a shortage of employment opportunities, interns must be indiscriminately searching for any organizational opening. Read more...

 If you have questions about how DVC students can earn college credit through an internship or job opportunity contact Diablo Valley College Work Experience Education at 925-969-2042 or email dvccoop@dvc.edu.  If you would like more information about how you can recruit DVC students to apply for an internship contact Catherine Franco at cfranco@dvc.edu, or post your experiential opportunity to the DVC online job board at www.collegecentral.com/dvc.

Degrees and Certificates offered at Diablo Valley College

DVC offers associate degrees and certificates in a wide variety of programs. Visit the Degree and Certificate program page for requirements, department information, program descriptions, program sequences, and addendum information.

DVC Degree and program Chart

Interviewing resources

Interviewing can be stressful not only for the interviewee but also for the interviewer. What questions should you ask? What questions are you legally allowed to ask? How do you weed through all of the candidates to find the best match for your company? Hopefully the following articles and resources will help!

Good Interviewing Practices

Interviewing Tips

Top 10 Interview Questions

100 Potential Interview Questions

11 Common Interview Questions That Are Actually Illegal