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Welcome to your complete source for ensuring your online content is accessible for students with disabilities. We hope you find this resource helpful. 

Ensuring our college's online content is accessible for all students (regardless of whether they have a disability) is everyone's responsibility. Thanks for visiting this page and for doing your part to make our campus an inclusive and level learning space for all.  

Latest news

Spring 2020

  • 5/8/20:  Module 5, Audio and Video has been updated to include more detailed captioning information and improved navigation.
  • 3/11/20: As many faculty are preparing for a shift to online course delivery in the event of an emergency disruption, we are currently checking all modules to ensure information is up-to-date and accurate, and amending as needed. 
  • 1/31/20: Tutorials for Word for Windows (PC) in Module 2 have been updated to include Word 2019 procedures.

Fall 2019

  • Does your computer have Office 2019?  We are in the process of developing updates to each module that reflect Office 2019 procedures.  Also in the works are tutorials about Google Docs, Google Slides, and Excel.  Stay tuned!
  • This semester, instead of offering weekly live group trainings we are excited to begin our Digital Access Clinics (DAC) program. In a DAC, our team of experts can evaluate your digital content to ensure usability by people with disabilities, including users of assistive technology. Remediation training is provided as well.  Scheduling is flexible and we can come to you if preferred. To learn more about Digital Access Clinics, click the link to view the DAC informational flyer.  You can also schedule a DAC by filling out this brief form.


Module 1:   Defining online accessibility and why it's important     

Module 2:   Word Documents (PC and Mac) 

Module 3:   PowerPoint Presentations (PC and Mac)     

Module 4:   PDFs     

Module 5:   Audio and Video

Module 6:   Canvas   


Further training and support

speech bubble     Talk to Carrie Million by calling x 2186, or email her at

calendar icon    Schedule a Digital Access Clinic or watch a recorded training

Q and A    View questions and answers from other faculty and staff regarding online accessibility