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Welcome to your complete source for ensuring your online content is accessible  for students with disabilities. We hope you find this resource helpful. 

Ensuring our college's online content is accessible for all students (regardless of whether they have a disability) is everyone's responsibility. Thanks for visiting this page and for doing your part to make our campus an inclusive and level learning space for all.  

Self-paced Accessibility Training

Our fully updated, self-paced Canvas-based accessibility course teaches the fundamentals for ensuring your online content is accessible to all learners. 

Self-enroll in the course

Option 1:  Full course completion (includes 4 hours Flex credit, coming soon)

This option will give you a comprehensive overview of universal design as well as instructions for how to accessibilize content across multiple modalities.  Module topics include Canvas, Word and Google Docs, PowerPoint and Google Slides, PDFs, Video and Audio, and evaluating OER and publisher materials for accessibility.  Four hours Flex credit is available for employees who complete the full course. More info coming soon!

Option 2:  Pick and choose!

Pick this option if you wish to learn about specific topics, instead of the full course.  It is recommended that you start with the first module (Universal Design Benefits All Learners), and then choose your specific modules from the left-hand side course navigation to explore thereafter.  

Accessibility Ambassadors Accessibility Ambassador logo

These cohort members have gone through extensive accessibility training and can help support you through creating learning materials not just for students with disabilities, but also students who might need different points of access to material to be successful. Through Canvas and other tools, you can work with your ambassador to welcome everyone into your course! Please reach out to any ambassador that you feel might be able to support you best, but we have listed their departments here just in case you are looking for content-specific support. 

Resource documents

Accessibility Self-Assessment

Use our comprehensive Accessibility Self-Assessment checklist to perform your own accessibility audit for your course material.  It is organized by content type (Canvas, Word, PDFs, PowerPoint and GoogleSlides, Excel, videos and audio) with links to support resources and how-to's.

To use, click the link to the Accessibility Self-Assessment, click File, and either Make a copy or Download.   Have questions? Need guidance? Contact an Accessibility Ambassador directly or schedule an appointment via the weekly one-on-one Training Lead sign-up emails.

Where Do I Begin With Accessibility?

Perhaps you’re aware of the various accessibility training resources available, but are feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start. Where Do I Begin With Accessibility? provides a three-step roadmap for beginning the journey to fully accessible content. At the end are suggestions for “Where do I go from here?” after you’ve completed each step.  Note: Access to the links in this document require self-enrolling in the Online Accessibility at DVC Canvas course. Once you’ve enrolled, it will appear in your Canvas dashboard. 

Ally Gauge Inventory

Use this handy tool to scan your course modules and note which external files require accessibility fixes. Use the Ally Gauge Inventory in conjunction with Where Do I Begin With Accessibility? to find information about how to fix specific issues.  

Digital Access Clinics

Our screen-reader usability expert can evaluate portions of your online content to ensure access for assistive technology.  A report of any barriers and resources for fixing will be generated.  An optional meeting to review the report can be scheduled if desired. You can schedule a DAC by filling out this brief form.

Further training and support

speech bubbles   Contact Carrie Million, Assistive Tech Specialist, (925) 969-2186,

calendar    Schedule a Digital Access Clinic or watch a recorded training

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