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administration of justice

Administration of Justice Grads Make a Difference in Local Communities

Dec 4, 2021

Students enrolled in DVC’s administration of justice program are offered numerous opportunities to get a sense of the “real-life” experience of a law enforcement professional.

administration of justice

Student Success Story: Brentwood Police Chief Tom Hansen

Dec 4, 2021

Tom Hansen chose to attend DVC’s administration of justice program because it always had a great reputation and the instructors really motivated students to enter the profession.

drone technology

Let Your Career Take Flight with a Certificate in Drone Technology

Jun 4, 2021

If you’re looking for a career that will get you out of the office and out into the world, consider drone technology! “We want the student experience to be enriching and educational. Drones are fun to fly! Students are able to fly advanced models with cutting-edge GPS and cameras. We emphasize mapping applications as it is one of the leading sub-sectors in this emerging industry,” said Jeffrey Miller, geography/unmanned aerial systems professor.

industrial design, architecture, engineering, CareerFocus, construction

DVC Industry Partnerships Pave the Path from School to Work

Jun 4, 2021

When deciding which college to attend, students typically focus on academics, campus culture, and budget. While this is a good strategy, it is also important to consider opportunities for internships, jobs, mentoring, and networking. Students attending DVC can check all of these boxes. DVC's location is key in helping to forge partnerships with employers throughout the Bay Area.

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Design Thinking Leads to Better Solutions for Today’s Technology Challenges

Jun 1, 2021

DVC provides many ways for students to respond to real-world challenges. But to develop an effective solution, students need to understand how to approach a complex problem. This is where design thinking comes in.