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public health, nutrition, Addiction Studies

Healthy Outlook for Careers in Public Health

Jun 24, 2022

When Lawrence Riel began classes at DVC, he had planned on pursuing a career in animation. But like many students, after some exploration, he decided to pursue a different career path.

online education

The New Normal – Retraining and Upskilling for a Flexible Future

Jun 24, 2022

“I had been working as an aesthetician in 2020, and then it shut down due to the pandemic. I freaked out, wondering, ‘what was I going to do? What skills did I have?’ It was a very scary time for the personal care industry,” said Solana Rehne.

administration of justice

Administration of Justice Grads Make a Difference in Local Communities

Dec 4, 2021

Students enrolled in DVC’s administration of justice program are offered numerous opportunities to get a sense of the “real-life” experience of a law enforcement professional.

administration of justice

Student Success Story: Brentwood Police Chief Tom Hansen

Dec 4, 2021

Tom Hansen chose to attend DVC’s administration of justice program because it always had a great reputation and the instructors really motivated students to enter the profession.

basic needs

Basic Needs Community Helps Students Survive and Thrive

Nov 30, 2021

Gerardo De La Torre arrived at DVC as a re-entry student, hoping to fulfill his dream of a college education. “I wanted to give myself another opportunity to be the first in my family to graduate from university. My parents immigrated from Mexico so their children could have a better life. I had always wanted to be a computer engineer, and work for NASA. I always dreamed of being amongst the stars in the night sky,” said De La Torre.