Anti-Racism Pledge Information and Resources

At its 2020 Fall Plenary Session, the Academic Senate for California Community College adopted Resolution *3.01 F20, "Support The Anti-Racism Pledge." Building on a previous resolution (3.02 F19) that was passed in support of Anti-Racism, the recent resolution typifies the ASCCC's commitment to celebrating diversity.

Today, we encourage you to read, contemplate and commit to taking a stand supporting our Anti-Racism efforts. We are not asking you to be an expert, but to be willing to step into the conversation and learn… as an individual, from one another, and together. Our district Academic Senates have committed to work collaboratively toward ending institutional racism to make our campuses more welcoming and equitable for all CCCCD students, employees, and community members. We hope you will, too.

Read and make the Anti-Racism Pledge here. All responses are optional.

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