Toru Sugita

The History of Printmaking as Social Art

Toru SugitaSugita will present a brief history of print media and artists' commentary on social issues in prints. This will include historic master artists and contemporary Bay Area artists who chose printmaking for their response to globalization and current political problems such as immigration and border issues.


Date Time Location
Wednesday, April 18, 2018 1:00 p.m. DVC Diablo Room
Thursday, April 19, 2018 6:30 p.m. ART 106*

* Reception after the lecture

Lecture history

See the video of last year's lecturer Bruce Koller, entitled "Community: The Social Capital of Public Life."

2017 Bruce Koller, Social Science
2016 Laury Fischer, English
2015 Marcia Goodman, English
2014 Katrina Keating, Math
2013 Glenn Appell, Music
2012 Steve Johnson, Social Science
2011 David Vela, English
2010 Nancy Zink, English
2009 Kathleen Costa, Counseling
2007 Manuel Gonzales, History
2006 Rick Gelinas, Biology
2005 Ed Trujillo, Performing Arts
2004 Tom Chatagnier, Phy. Science
2003 Barbara Sawyer, English
2002 Raymon Stansbury, Fine Arts
2001 George Turner, Physical Science
2000 Bruce Reeves, English
1999 Joe Nystrom, Humanities
1998 Suzanne Miller, Mathematics
1997 Lynn MacMichael, Humanities
1996 Glenn Onizuka, Counseling
1995 Irene Menegas, English
1994 Dan Martin, Admin of Justice
1993 Gay Ostarello, Biology
1992 Don Mahan, English
1991 Richard Dudley, Political Science
1990 Barbara Baldwin, Women's Studies
1989 Richardson Wilbanks, Poli Sci
1988 James Rawls, History
1987 James Ardini, Physics
1986 Ruth Bradley, English
1985 Gerard Hurley, English, Films
1984 William Niland, DVC President
1983 Carol Johnson, Economics
1982 William Harlan, English
1978 Bruce Watson, Art History
1977 John Shumway, History
1976 Evelyn McCune, History
1975 Clifford Nelson, Biology
1974 Beatrice Taines, English
1973 Thomas Steyaert, Biology
1972 David Coleman, Architecture
1971 John Porterfield, History
1970 Lenard Grote, Political Science
1969 Lee Armstrong, Biology
1968 David Marin, Journalism
1967 Jade Fon Woo, Art
1966 Bess Whitcomb, Communications
1965 Norris Pope, Inst. Services
1964 Bill Plumb, English
1963 John Kelly, Dean of Instruction
1962 Bruce Watson, Sociology
1961 Evelyn McCune, History