December 2016

governance at a glance

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Governance Committee and Council Reports

Governance meetings are open to all members of the campus community and all are encouraged to attend. For up-to-date information on governance and the various documents, please visit our governance website.

Bookmark our governance meeting calendar to always keep up with what is going on in college governance.

College Council (CC)

To address its 2016-17 goals and priorities, the CC recently:

  • accepted the Program Review Committee outcomes, processes and rankings;
  • hosted a successful open forum (10/20/16) resulting in generative discussion, exchange of current activities and practices, as well as ideas for new paths to take to better serve our Latino/a students with a focus on inclusive excellence;
  • continued Educational Master Plan development (consultant hired, steering committee formed);
  • received an IT update with information about the Ellucian Go mobile app, and campus Wi-Fi design and function.

For more information, please visit:
the College Council website

Current Chairs: John Freytag (faculty) and Renee Savage (classified)

Research, Planning and Evaluation Committee (RPEC)

The RPEC completed the following tasks far this semester:

  • Wrote the closeout report for the DVC 2007-17 Educational Master Plan
  • Wrote the summary report of the 2016 Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)
  • Reviewed the facilities survey
  • Recommended professional development activities
  • Initiated guided pathways college-wide conversation
  • Attended Integrated Planning Training Workshop conducted by the RP Group

In progress:

  • Development of a Research and Planning web page
  • Review of evaluation tools

For more information, please visit:
the Research, Planning and Evaluation Committee website
Current Chairs: Laurie Lema (management), Catherine Machalinski (faculty)

Program Review Committee (PRC)

The PRC has spent the fall term preparing to read and evaluate the 2016 Program Reviews. The Program Review cycle continues:

  • Comprehensive Instructional Program Review Reports (IPRs) were due November 23.
  • Annual IPR deadlines are established by the divisions with December 9 as a suggested guideline.
  • Student Services Program Review Reports (SSPRs) were due November 30, (comprehensive and annual.)
  • Administrative Program Reviews (APRs) are due January 6, 2017 (comprehensive and annual.) 

The rubric used to rank resource requests can be found at the WEPR.

Other resources can be found in the U-Drive, including a glossary of terms for the rubric: U-Drive/Program Review/2016-17/Resources.

For more information, please visit:
the Program Review Committee website

Current co-chairs: Laura Cremin (staff), Obed Vazquez (management)

Classified Senate

The CS is continuing to work on improving employee morale and finding more ways to be active in college governance and activities!   

CS hosted a team building activity and attended a DVC football game to support our students!  CS will also be passing out scantrons and pencils to students during finals week and wishing students well on their final exams. 

 Academic Senate and CS held a joint meeting to work on the college’s vision statement. 

For more information, please visit:
the Classified Senate website

Current leadership: Marisa Greenberg, president; Renee Savage, vice president

For the charges and functions of the above committees, please visit the links to each committee above.

All DVC constituencies, including our students, can access our governance committee minutes and agendas through the public website.