College Council

(Established 8/19/2015)


The college has established the College Council as its college-wide governance body to support, facilitate and monitor the overall progress of the college toward achieving its objectives. The college’s objectives come from many internal and external sources, such as program review, college wide planning, the Academic Senate, state, federal or accreditation mandates, or other sources. Every employee, governance body, committee, task force, work group, unit, and program of DVC shares the responsibility of helping the college achieve its objectives. [I, III.A.1, IV.A.1]

College Council aligns the college’s objectives with the Strategic Plan to establish the college’s annual priorities through a collaborative, transparent governance process (DVC procedure 1009.1). College Council sets measurable, expected outcomes based upon these annual priorities. To achieve these expected outcomes, the college prioritizes its activities. College Council is responsible to ensure that the college engages in continuous, broad-based, systematic evaluation and planning based on the college’s outcomes to improve institutional effectiveness and inclusive academic excellence. [I.B.9]

Membership on the College Council is composed of representative leaders from faculty, classified staff, and students, and leadership from the college’s core functional areas: instruction, student services and auxiliary services (e.g., business, facilities, technology). This structure is intended to assure that decisions by the College Council are based on well informed, timely and widely discussed input through the governance structure. Members of College Council, in their leadership roles in Academic Senate, Classified Senate and ASDVC, facilitate dialog with their respective constituencies. Membership also includes co-chairs of the Research, Planning and Evaluation Committee and the Program Review Committee to insure that College Council decisions are data driven.




The college will have established priorities for its annual work supporting student success and institutional effectiveness. [I.B.3] College Council becomes informed about all college objectives as set forth in college plans and facilitates the establishment of the college’s annual priorities through the governance process. College Council recommends the college’s annual priorities for that year. [I.B.1]
The college will have annual measurable, expected outcomes to achieve. [I.B.3] College Council calls for quantitative and qualitative data and analysis to understand the college’s previous year’s progress toward the strategic plan directive. College Council will facilitate the establishment of these outcomes through the governance process. College Council establishes measurable, expected annual outcomes for the college’s priorities for that year. [I.B.3, I.B.4]
The college will have college-wide plans that are aligned with DVC’s Strategic Plan, mission and external mandates to support student success through inclusive excellence. [I.A.3] College Council will develop a process and timeline for the review of all college plans. College Council will monitor the alignment of all college plans with the Strategic Plan, mission statement and external mandates. [I.A.3]
The college will achieve its annual outcomes. College Council facilitates and supports the college’s work toward achieving these expected annual outcomes.
The college assesses accomplishment of its prioritized expected outcomes. [I.B.5]

College Council synthesizes the annual summative review of all activities undertaken under all college plans and other mandates to determine the extent to which the college has achieved its annual expected outcomes. [I.B.5]

The college has a budget that is aligned with the college’s priorities. [I.B.4]

College Council ensures that a college budget is developed.

The college will allocate resources for maintenance of effort, institutional effectiveness and innovation aligned with the annual priorities that support student success and institutional effectiveness.

[I.B.6, I.B.9]

College Council integrates information from program review and the evaluation of college-wide plans into a comprehensive resource allocation process. [I.B.9]

The college will have effective and current policies and procedures. [IV.A.2]


College Council will establish a process and timeline for the regular review of all DVC Procedures for effectiveness and currency. (Excludes academic and professional matters as defined in DVC Procedure 1009.01, Board Policy 1009, District Administrative Procedure 1009.01 and Title 5, Section 53200). [I.B.7]

Note: Brackets reference the 2014 Accreditation Standards from the ACCJC.


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