Course Repetition

When students receive a substandard grade (“D,” “F,” or “NP”) for a course, they may enroll in it a second time without being required to request permission. If it becomes necessary for students to attempt a course for the third time, they must request special permission to do so. This request may be made online. Under no circumstances may a student repeat a course more than two times to alleviate a substandard grade (Title 5, section 55042).

If a student repeats the same course one time, the previous grade will not be used in the GPA calculation. Should the student repeat the same course two or more times, only the two previous grades may be disregarded from the GPA calculation. When a course is repeated all grades will appear on the transcript. An”R” notation will appear next to the first grade, (and a second grade if the course is attempted three times) indicating that the course has been repeated.

Academic renewal without course repetition

Academic renewal allows students to have up to 24 units of substandard grades (“D,” “F,” or “NP) excluded (without the student having to repeat the course) from their grade point averages. To be eligible, students must have completed 20 units of satisfactory work (“C” grade or better) that has been completed within the Contra Costa Community College District or any other accredited college or university, since receiving the last substandard grade (the unit count begins the term after the substandard grade is received, in­-progress terms cannot be included). The student must not have received any “D’s”, “F’s” or “NP” since the substandard work (minimum 2.0 since substandard work). RD and I grades must be resolved before submitting a petition. Students interested in academic renewal should request a petition from the Admissions and Records Office (Title 5, section 55046) ) and must have a counselor sign the form before submitting it to the Admissions and Records Office.

Academic renewal may be granted one time within the Contra Costa Community College District. Once applied, academic renewal may not be reversed.