Quality Control

Our website is public-facing and serious errors can damage our brand and/or violate laws. For quality assurance, DVC uses the process outlined below:

Web contributors

As subject area experts, web contributors are vital to keeping content on our website accurate and relevant. To minimize issues when updating web content, every time web contributors make changes to existing pages they should:

  • use CMS tools to check for spelling errors and broken links
  • review for accessibility
  • review to ensure new content aligns with our web governance policies and style guides
  • submit the page to their dedicated approver for review before publication

Web approvers

As web contributors themselves, web approvers (managers) complete the same training so that they can effectively maintain the quality of pages in their area. Web approvers review all pages submitted by web contributors under their supervision. Before approving any new content for publication, approvers should:

  • review content for accuracy and relevance
  • ensure content aligns with our web governance policies, style guide and accessibility standards


The Marketing office will send pages back for correction when errors are identified. If there are recurring issues, the Marketing office will communicate concerns with management and may suspend web privileges until further training is completed.

The Marketing office has access to all areas of the DVC website and reserves the right to revise or delete content. Revisions may include those needed for clarity, grammar, spelling, usage and style, as well as to conform to DVC’s branding conventions. 

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