Graphics, Images, Files, and Video

To create a seamless user experience, it is important to maintain consistent branding with graphics, images, and files on our website. Please ensure that any graphics, images, and files adhere to our brand and style guidelines and align with the policies below:


  • Use of icons must be approved by the Marketing office.
  • No clip art of any kind is allowed on our website.
  • Graphics need appropriate alt-text. 


  • Please use images sparingly on the website. 
  • You must have documented permission forms on file when posting pictures with people in them.
  • To avoid copyright infringement, only use original images or images you have permission to use.
  • Images with embedded text are not allowed on our website without Marketing office approval.
  • Images not sized optimally cause issues with page loading time. Please contact the Marketing office with questions about image sizing.
  • Images must have appropriate alt-text, including any text on the image.


  • PDFs should be used very sparingly on the web. For example, use our calendar to promote events on the website instead of uploading event flyers that become dated quickly.
  • All files must be fully accessible, with appropriate headings, reading order, formatting, and alt-text on images. To learn how to remediate files, review the accessibility training required for all contributors and approvers. If we find PDFs that are not accessible, your access may be paused until further training is completed.
  • It is often better to include text on your webpage rather than link to a PDF.
  • Use a descriptive text link, not a thumbnail image, to link to PDFs.


  • Any video on our website needs accurate captions.
  • When possible, videos should be hosted on DVC's official Youtube channel. Please contact the Marketing office to coordinate this.

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