Our Values


Information on the website needs to be accurate and current. Web contributors should regularly schedule time to review pages to ensure accuracy.


Each page should serve a specific goal that can be concisely communicated. Please do not add additional content to pages that is not relevant to that goal. 


Web page content (written copy, graphics, photography) should be of the highest quality. Please contact the marketing office if you are unsure about images or content. The Marketing office may remove images and other content that does not meet these standards. 


Information on the site should be concise and written in student-friendly language. We cannot answer all questions ever asked on our website. Rather, provide students the basic information they need and include faculty/staff contact information for additional questions.


The website (including added content like PDFs, videos, and images) must meet all applicable state and federal expectations regarding user accessibility. All web contributors and approvers are required to take the accessibility training provided by DSS before they will be allowed to access to the website.


DVC has a singular visual and writing style across its website that meshes with the college’s identity in other media, identified in our style guides.


Open, frequent communication between all parties will drive content decisions and future growth.

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