Appeal Petitions

Situations may arise which hinder students from adhering to drop deadlines. Under certain conditions, students have the right to appeal to the Registrar for a policy exception. Students must prove circumstances beyond their control and provide supporting documentation. Students should complete the Student Appeal Petition form, available in the Admissions and Records Office and attach relevant documentation. Forms may be submitted to the Admissions and Records Office in-person, via fax or by mail. Student Appeal Petitions must be filed within one year of the term in question.

Students are responsible for knowing registration and drop deadlines. Full term course deadlines are printed in the Schedule of Classes and are also available online. Short term course deadlines are available with the instructor. Deadlines for all classes (long-term and short-term) are printed on the student schedule in InSite. Students must officially drop classes through InSite or at the Admissions and Records Office. Non-attendance can result in an “F” grade and the student will be responsible for enrollment fees. If the class fee has not been paid and the class is not officially dropped, the student is responsible for the enrollment fees and it will become an outstanding debt on the student’s record. If a class is dropped by the last day prior to census, no symbol will appear on the record. If 75 percent or more of the instruction time has elapsed, students cannot withdraw and will be subject to an “F” grade.

Only under extenuating circumstances (i.e., accident, illness, or other circumstances beyond control) may students drop or have fees refunded after the deadline. A doctor’s statement on letterhead stationery is required to support medical reasons. Employment reasons must be supported by a statement from the employer on company letterhead verifying: (1) the student’s new work hours and (2) the fact that this change in schedule is a condition of continuing employment. Other relevant documentation must be attached for reasons not listed. Student appeals for grade changes must be pursued with the instructor that issued the grade. See the Catalog for more information and grading policy.