Transfer Information

DVC offers two transfer agreements that are used to transfer students into the UC and CSU systems. IGETC – Intersegmental General Education Transfer Contract is a transfer pattern that is accepted by both the UC and CSU systems. CSUGE – California State University General Education is a transfer pattern that is accepted by the CSU system. Completion of these patterns along with a minimum of 60 transferable units, allows the students to transfer as a junior with their lower division general education completed. It does not guarantee admission or transfer to any particular university.

IGETC general education requirements

CSU general education requirements


A student may submit a certification request form to the Admissions and Records Office to request an official certification of CSUGE or IGETC be sent to the student’s transferring university. Admissions will send a complete or partial certification of CSUGE or IGETC at the student’s request, however partial IGETC certifications have certain limitations.


If a student is using coursework from another college or high school to complete the certification, an official transcript must already be on file, or be submitted together with the request. Admissions will not hold certification requests until transcripts are received.