Basic Needs Advisory Group

Welcome to DVC's Basic Needs Advisory Group. DVC recognizes that a large percentage of students face insufficient resources to fund everyday basic needs. Basic needs are the conditions and resources necessary to survive and thrive. These conditions support students' ability to be active, engaged learners who reach their full potential at Diablo Valley College. These conditions and resources can include, but are not limited to safety, food, housing and access to mental health services.

Our mission is to provide information and resources on:

  • food pantries and support programs,
  • affordable temporary and permanent housing solutions, and
  • health, wellness and mental health services.

COVID 19 food distribution

Data collected for DVC student food distribution during COVID-19:

Spring and Summer 2020

  • March 17: 36 students
  • March 20: 23 students
  • April 1: 14 students
  • April 10: 20 students
  • April 24: 65 students (45 new students)
  • May 8:  155 students (64 new students)
  • May 22:  73 students (26 new students
  • June 3:  63 students (20 new students)
  • June 17:  53 students (27 new students)
  • June 24: 43 students (14 new students)
  • July 8:  35 students (6 new students)
  • July 22:  27 students (8 new students)
  • August 4:  19 students (1 new student)
  • August 18:  35 students (9 new students)
  • TOTAL: 316 unduplicated students

2020-21 Academic Year = 181 total unduplicated students

2019 Hope Survey

Invitations to complete the 2019 Hope Survey were sent by email to approximately 19,800 students from Diablo Valley College and 923 students participated. The estimated response rate was 4.7%. Overall Basic Needs insecurity rates:

  • 41% of DVC students reported low or very low food security;
  • 60% of students reported being housing insecure;
  • 20% of students experienced homelessness.

Learn more about the survey and the Basic Needs insecurity data from April 2019.

Our mission

The advisory will enable the institution to enlist and build deeper partnerships with students, faculty, classified professionals, and administrators to address the ongoing basic needs of our students such as food, financial, clothing, and housing insecurities as well as mental health needs.  The advisory body will:

  • monitor the ongoing basic needs of students;
  • support the growth and development of campus resources;
  • explore off campus community-based referral services and partnerships;
  • identify funding and development of a sustainability plan; and
  • promote college-wide educational awareness around basic needs.

For questions about the Basic Needs Advisory group, please contact Emily Stone.

Meet the team

Many students, faculty, staff, and administrators from a variety of instructional and student services areas have come together to form the Basic Needs Advisory.  Below are the areas represented.  If you are interested in joining this institutional effort, please contact Emily Stone.

  • Athletics
  • CAEP
  • CalWORKs
  • CARE Team
  • Counseling
  • Disability Support Services
  • DVC Food Pantry
  • DVC Foundation
  • English Department
  • Financial Aid
  • Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano
  • Food Services
  • Fresh Success/Rubicon Programs
  • Institutional Effectiveness Office
  • Communications and Marketing
  • PUMA Center
  • San Ramon Campus
  • START/Foster Youth
  • Student Life
  • Workforce Development