Class Roster Information

Faculty can access the online rostering system in InSite to view/print class rosters, authorize student adds, and complete drops all in one convenient location.  You may wish to watch this short overview to learn more:  

For step-by-step instructions on how to complete each function of the Multi-Purpose Roster, please watch the video tutorials.  For your convenience, step-by-step text instructions are hyperlinked for viewing and/or printing as well. 

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT add students to your Canvas shells.  Students officially enrolled via the InSite Roster are automatically added to instructor Canvas shells within a few hours!

Text instructions: How to Add a Student (includes instructions for revoking adds)

Text instructions: How to Drop a Student

Text instructions: How to Print, Email, or Export

Text instructions: How to Email Using CSV Export (best if not on work computer)

 Text instructions: How to Enter Grades

Student instructions: How Students Accept Add Authorization

 Contact us

Name Email Phone
Carla Molina, Dean of Enrollment Services 925-969-2085

Drop-in support

For your convenience, drop-in support will be available the first week of classes in the Staff Development Lab (AB-217). 

Frequently asked questions

How will the add process change for my students?

Students will receive a notification through their InSite account after you have authorized them to add your class.  The student can then add your course through their online education plan via InSite.  For more on the student view, see Late Registration Has Changed.  

Will I still receive an email with my first day rosters?

Yes, you will receive an email with first day rosters.

When can I begin adding students to my classes?

The authorization codes will be available two days prior to the start of the class. Faculty can begin assigning authorization codes to students at that time, but it’s important to note that these students will be able to register only after the class begins.

There is no submit/confirm button on the Grade page where you check off students who didn't attend the first class, enter drop dates, submit grades. How do I submit this information?

The data is entered and saved automatically as you go.  There is no need to click any additional submit or confirm buttons.

I accidentally clicked "Never Attended" or entered a date to drop the wrong student. How do I fix it? 

Entering a drop date or selecting “never attended” results in the student being dropped from the class immediately. If you are within the add period, you can grant add authorization to the student using the new add authorization process.  (The student will need to confirm this add via his/her InSite account.)  Drop date corrections outside of the add period can be submitted to the Admissions and Records Office.

I accidentally entered the wrong grade for a student. How long do I have to fix it before it becomes official?

Grades are finalized overnight, just after midnight. So instructors have until midnight to make grade corrections.  After this, instructors will need to use the paper Change of Grade form through the Admissions and Records Office.

Do I need to add or drop students in my Canvas course as well?

No.  InSite and Canvas communicate and a student will automatically be added or dropped from your Canvas course based on the action you take in InSite.  There is a short turnaround time while this digital communication happens; your student will have access to your Canvas course, typically within 3-4 hours. 

I have a high school student who I authorized to add into my class, but the student doesn't see the Register button via InSite?

At this point, you will grant permission to high school students the same way you do for any student, but your high school student will need to visit Admissions and Records in person to finalize the registration process.

I have a student struggling to compete the add process.  Any tips?

Make sure the student has added your course and section number to their education plan via InSite.  This is frequently the missing step.  For students needing more assistance, encourage them to visit the Enrollment Lab.