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Fall 2018 Flex Week is upon us! You can browse and register for your Flex Week activities by viewing the schedule below.

Fall Flex Week will occur August 22-24, 2018. Variable days are Weds/Thurs August 22-23, and mandatory day is Friday, August 24th. The flex week schedule can be found here: FA18 Flex Week Schedule

Registration links for Flex Week are now up! Click here to register: Flex Workshop Registration

You will be prompted to enter your Portal username and password in order to view/register for activities. You can also click the "View your workshops" link near the top of the page to see what you have already registered for, and remove yourself from the roster of activities you no longer wish to attend (prior to their start time).

Please be sure to register for ALL Flex workshops you wish to attend by clicking the link below (note that you will be prompted to enter your Portal username and password to view the workshops and register).

Flex Workshop Registration

View variable flex activities that are approved by your Division below:

Approved Variable Flex Activities by Division 

To view your flex obligation for this term, please click the appropriate form below:

2018-2019 Full-timer Activity Form

FA18 Part-timer Activity Form

SP19 Part-timer Activity Form

2017-2018 Full-timer Activity Form

FA17 Part-timer Activity Form

SP18 Part-timer Activity Form

*Note: We can only upload PDF documents to the website. If you need a Word version of the activity submission form, please use the contact info below.

Questions? Please contact Jessica Martin at jmartin@dvc.edu/925-969-2038

2016-2017 Flex Agreement Forms

2016-2017 Full-timer Activity Form

FA16 Part-timer Activity Form

SP17 Part-timer Activity Form

2015-2016 Flex Agreement Forms

2015-2016 Full-timer Activity Form

SP16 Part-timer Activity Form

FA15 Part-timer Activity Form

To view past flex week schedules go to:

SP18 Flex Week Schedule

Spring 2017 Flex Schedule

Fall 2016 Flex Schedule

Spring 2016 Flex Schedule

Fall 2015 Flex Schedule

Spring 2015 Flex Schedule

To register for professional development workshops, including June Tech Institute, fall flex, or other activities, go to: professional development workshops

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