DVC Workshop Registration and Flex Information

Spring 2021 Flex Week is upon us! This year's Spring Flex Days will occur Wednesday-Friday, January 20th-22nd, 2021.

Registration is now live! Check out the final SP21 Flex Week schedule here! You can view a schedule-at-a-glance or view it in list format, organized by time each day.

Pro Tip: Use Ctrl + F to search the schedule by keyword if you're looking for something specific!

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we will once again be hosting all flex activities online via Zoom.

Presenters: If you are hosting a Flex activity, you will need to submit the Zoom Attendee Report to serve as the electronic equivalent of passing around a sign-in sheet. In order for the activity to be marked "complete" on workshop participant's transcripts, the final roster needs to be submitted in our GROW@4CD registration system by the coordinator. Please email your Zoom flex activity attendance reports to jmartin@dvc.edu. Instructions to generate those reports are linked here.

To view the calendar of upcoming flex activities within the district and statewide, click here

Want to host a flex activity during the spring semester?

Submit your variable flex activity requests here!

The system administrator will upload your activity into GROW@4CD** and provide you with a direct registration link to share with your target audience.

**Please allow at least 5 business days to have your activity entered into the system. If you have an urgent request, please email jmartin@dvc.edu to expedite your request.

GROW@4CD: DVC's New Professional Development Portal!

We have now fully transitioned to our brand new professional development software system, GROW@4CD! Use the links below to view either our quick start guide, or the comprehensive user guide! These guides will direct you to resources such as thousands of on-demand training videos, our own instructor-led flex activities, and special communities where you can connect with colleagues and follow topics of interest to you.

The comprehensive user guide will demonstrate how to view and track your professional development activities from your user transcript in GROW. You can also add external training, if you would like to keep track of professional development hours you log outside of our portal.

Note for faculty on flex obligation tracking: transcript reports from GROW will now serve as the flex obligation report you'll submit to your division office! No more Word docs or paper forms to fill out! Instructions to run a transcript report can be found in the comprehensive user guide and are linked hereAdditionally, you can add external training (any activity approved for flex hours that is not housed within GROW) to your transcript so it will be included in your calculated flex hours on your report. Instructions to do that are here.

**In accordance with a side agreement between the UF and District, PT faculty do NOT have a flex obligation for SP21. FT faculty have their regular flex obligation, but are able to use hours spent converting courses to online instruction to help meet it.**

GROW@4CD Quick Start Guide

GROW@4CD Comprehensive User Guide - Summer 2020 Edition (update coming soon!)

View variable flex activities that are approved by your Division below:

Approved Variable Flex Activities by Division 

Have a suggestion? We're listening!

If you have a suggestion for a specific training or speaker you'd like to see, need more information on something professional development-related, or just want to share your feedback, please complete the form below. It's quick & painless, and you only need to answer the questions you want to answer!

Professional Development Feedback

NEW! You can now generate a report of your flex activities electronically within GROW@4CD! Instructions to create your flex reports are linked here. Simply run and save your report, then send it to your Division Office! This new process replaces our old paper process from years prior.

Did you complete external activities you'd like to claim flex hours for? Follow the instructions linked here to add them to your transcript so the hours can be automatically calculated with your other flex activities!

To view flex obligation forms for previous terms, please click the appropriate form below:

2019-2020 Full-timer Activity Form

FA19 Part-timer Activity Form

SP20 Part-timer Activity Form

2018-2019 Full-timer Activity Form

FA18 Part-timer Activity Form

SP19 Part-timer Activity Form

*Note: We can only upload PDF documents to the website. If you need a Word version of the activity submission form, please use the contact info below.

Questions? Please contact Jessica Martin at jmartin@dvc.edu/925-969-2038

To view past flex week schedules go to:

FA20 Flex Week Schedule

SP20 Flex Week Schedule

FA19 Flex Week Schedule