2019-2020 Professional Development Funding

Faculty funding

The Faculty Development Committee has concluded funding for the fall semester. Please check back in late January for information about the spring funding round.

Full AND part time faculty may apply for funds to attend a professional development activity, up to a maximum of $1000 per person.*

Prioritization of funding is based on how well the activity supports current DVC goals, values, and objectives (documents linked below). Preference will also be given to those who are presenting, and those who did not receive development funds in 18-19.

*Faculty Development funds have a maximum of $1000 per person, awarded every other fiscal year (July 1- June 30). If you have received FD funds in the current or previous fiscal year, you may still wish to submit an application, as support for your activity may be available through categorical funds.

DVC Faculty Development Committee Statement on Tuition Reimbursement:

The Faculty Development Committee does not currently fund development activities that result in the award of higher education units, including lower division, upper division, graduate, and continuing education credits. The committee has not funded these activities, reasoning that they may be used for advancement on the salary scale, or to qualify for teaching additional courses or Faculty Service Areas (FSAs). Because credit-bearing activities have the potential to increase the compensation of the faculty member, we have reasoned that they should be the responsibility of the faculty (or the department) to fund.

DVC's Integrated Plan

DVC's Educational Master Plan

Career Education disciplines

Tips for estimating your expenses

If you have questions, please contact Jessica Martin at 925-969-2038 (ext. 22038) or jmartin@dvc.edu.

Classified funding

The Classified Professional Development Committee meets periodically throughout the year to review applications for funds for conferences, tuition reimbursement, and other activities.

Permanent Classified staff are eligible for up to $700 per term (fall/spring) for conferences, tuition reimbursement and other professional development activities (priority given to those who have not already received funds in the current fiscal year). The committee may elect to offer up to $1400 at one time for conference funding only.

Additional funds may be available if you are attending an activity specifically to support college goals around Equity, Basic Skills, or 3SP and your application is written to that effect. More info on those goals can be found here:

General information:

  • Equity funding is for activities that support underserved populations, diversity, and equal access (i.e. disabled, minority or veteran students, women, foster youth, low income, etc.)- if your activity addresses any of these items, your application needs to explain how you will apply what you learn to college priorities in these areas
  • 3SP funding is for activities that support core services: orientation, assessment, counseling, advising and other education planning services
  • Basic Skills funding is for activities that support entry level math, ESL, and English and developmental education
  • Classified development funds can be used for activities intended to help employees gain knowledge, skills or experience that will primarily support their current position at the college, or prepare employees for career advancement within the district, and that will positively impact the college
  • You must be a permanent Classified employee who has passed one year of probation in the district to qualify
  • Activities must be pre-approved, and priority will be given to those who did not receive funds already this fiscal year
  • If you are applying for tuition reimbursement, please request funds for a specific upcoming class (that has not yet started) you are taking and provide the web link/info for that particular class. We cannot approve applications that just say something like “tuition for Master’s classes.”

19-20 Classified PD Funding Application

Tips for estimating your expenses

Classified PD Committee Charge, Function & Policies

If you have questions, please contact Jessica Martin at 925-969-2038 (ext. 22038) or jmartin@dvc.edu.

Management funding

Please contact Rick Robison rrobison@dvc.edu 925-969-2601 for questions about funding opportunities for management.