About Institutional Planning Committee

The Institutional Planning Committee (IPC) will make planning meaningful to the college community by ensuring that all college wide plans adhere to and support the mission, values and strategic plan of the college. These plans will be designed to effectively support student learning and success. college wide plans will contain the appropriate components to drive decision-making processes. 


  • Facilitates the development of skills and expertise within the committee and the college to write effective plans; 
  • Oversees the development of the college strategic plan; 
  • Reviews and makes recommendations for revisions to the college mission, values, and philosophy statements, as needed and is vetted through the college governance structure. 
  • Monitors the tracking of COLLEGE WIDE plans, and validates their alignment to the college strategic plan; 
  • Annually reviews the progress of plans, the alignment of resource allocation with plans, and the effectiveness of COLLEGE WIDE plans through an evaluation process; 
  • Recommends to College Council annual and multi-year college strategic direction(s), including goal, objectives and action steps, from the DVC Strategic Plans as aligned with the CCCCD Strategic Plan; 
  • Supports matters related to college accreditation by tracking and monitoring plans. 

Meeting Times/Days: Twice a month and are listed on the campus meeting calendar linked to the DVC homepage 

Reporting Status: College Council

Co-Chair Structure: Co-chairs: Selected by committee members.


View Institutional Planning Committee information from the Committee Handbook


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