Budget Committee

The college established a Budget Committee to ensure a representative body of the college community is educated regarding all aspects of the college budget and actively participates in recommending resource allocations. This body is responsible to ensure resource allocation follows established budget process, which aligns resource allocation with institutional planning and ensures transparency, financial stability and integrity.

Based on information provided by Business and Administrative Services, the Budget Committee will make timely resource recommendations in a manner that ensures fiscal prudence and long term financial stability. Resource allocation will be tied to the mission and institutional goals by ensuring institutional planning, which sets institutional priorities, is integrated into the budget allocation process.

During the first meeting of each fall semester the committee will review the charge and function of the committee and ensure a comprehensive and uniform understanding of the functions, timeline and terminology.

The Budget Committee Process will include the following functions:

  •          Establish and maintain a budget process timeline
  •          Review State, District, and college budget information
  •          Conduct broad review of all funding available to the college including restricted budgets
  •          Review multi-year budget projections
  •          Review college resource priorities as developed through program review and institutional plans to reflect best practices and accreditation requirements
  •          Recommend funding sources for program review requests
  •          Update College Council on relevant budget information and make resource allocation recommendations in accordance with budget process and timeline
  •          Inform the college community of committee work and recommendations; encourage feedback
  •          Make recommendations to Senior Administration on equitable funding within the district
  •          Evaluate and make recommendations on budget process and timeline as appropriate



The Budget committee will review plans and budget information as it becomes available on an ongoing basis.

            January – Governors January Budget released

            March – District provides college with Tentative Budget allocation

            By March 31 – College wide plans received for review

            By March 31 – Program review request prioritization received for review

            By Mid-April – Tentative Budget Submitted

            By April 30 – Categorical Committees identify which prioritized program review and permanent staff meet criteria of funding source

            By May 15 – Budget committee has reviewed all program review requests, prioritized plans, estimated available resources, and presents preliminary recommendation

            July 31 – District provides college with Final Budget allocation, including estimated ending balances

            July 31 – Approved preliminary recommendations included in Final Budget

            By Mid-August – Budget committee recommends final allocations with estimated ending balances.

            By August 31 - President sends out approved funding email

            By August 31 – Approved funding distributed

            October – Review process, solicit feedback and recommend potential changes


            *Off cycle requests (non-operational) which could not be planned for during the normal cycle may be approved by the College President


Meeting Times/Days:

Once per month (minimum) during fall and spring academic semesters. More frequently during budget development.


Reporting Status:

College Council


Chair Structure:

Co-chairs, Vice President of Business and Administrative Services (or designee) and one co-chair who will be selected by the committee.

  •  1 Vice President of Business and Administrative Services or designee (co-chair)
  • 3 Faculty Representatives appointed by Academic Senate
  • 3 Classified Representatives appointed by Classified Senate
  • 2 Management Representatives appointed by Management Council
  • 1 Fiscal Services Manager (non-voting)
  • 2 ASDVC Representatives

At least one of the representatives from classified, faculty, or management should be from the San Ramon Campus, on a rotating basis.

The Budget Committee will invite experts as appropriate

Instruction and Student Services should be equally represented


Term of Membership: 

Three years - may be re-appointed for one additional term



Adopted:  September 14, 2009

Revised: September 20, 2010

Revised: May 22, 2019