Research, Planning, and Evaluation Committee


Online research requests

If you are an employee who wants to conduct original research with employees or students, use this internal request form (for example, a survey of students). Submissions are evaluated by the Research, Planning, and Evaluation Committee. If you want a data pull from existing data, use the research request from that is in Insite, under the "Resources" tile.

If you are not an employee of the college who wants to conduct original research, use this external request form. Submissions are evaluated by the Research, Planning, and Evaluation Committee.

 Data Coaching Request

If you would like some help from one of our trained data coaches, use this link to make your request:

What is the RPEC?

The Research, Planning, and Evaluation Committee (RPEC), taking direction from College Council, supports the work of the college to achieve its Educational Master Plan, annual priorities and other objectives. The Research, Planning and Evaluation Committee supports data informed decision-making throughout the college thereby promoting a culture of evaluation. This Committee supports the alignment of all existing college plans.

Charge and Function


The RPEC evaluates the data and research needs of the college.

The RPEC facilitates administration and evaluation of college wide research initiatives. When warranted, the RPEC communicates the results of the evaluation.

As per Procedure 4100.01, the RPEC serves as the research conduit for the college. The Procedure outlines the steps through which individuals within and from outside of the college submit research proposals and how those proposals are processed.



The RPEC makes recommendations to the College Council on college goals, provides summative evaluations of plans and activities, and makes recommendations for the future.

The RPEC works with college committees on the alignment of goals across planning documents.

This committee supports the College Council’s efforts to set annual priorities.



The RPEC reviews research and data collected by the college and other sources, writes reports that interpret the data, and assists with developing instruments for projects.

The RPEC makes recommendations to the College Council on metrics.


Professional Development

RPEC, in collaboration with the Professional Development Committees and the Academic Senate, facilitates activities and trainings about research, evaluation, and planning.


Special Projects

The RPEC completes special projects as directed by the College Council.

It works with the Academic Senate, Classified Senate, college committees, and others to align plans and activities with the Educational Master Plan.

It works collaboratively on district-wide planning efforts with the District Office and with Los Medanos and Contra Costa College.

Meeting Time and Dates: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 2:30 - 4:30 pm

Reporting Status: Reports to College Council

Tri-Chairs: The Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, one faculty member selected by the Academic Senate, and one classified member selected by the Classified Senate. The RPEC will make the determination of which two of the three tri-chairs will represent the RPEC on the College Council.

Membership: Membership is drawn from all areas of the college, including both the San Ramon Campus and the Pleasant Hill Campus, and includes faculty, managers, classified staff, and students.

Members:  3 administration (The Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and two others)

5 faculty 

2 classified staff 

1 student

 Term of Membership: Three-year staggered terms, may be reappointed for additional terms.

 History: Formed:  9/10/15

Revised:  March 6, 2019 by College Council

Revised: October 16, 2019 by College Council

Accreditation Standards:  I.A., I.B.3, I.B.4, I.B.5; I.B.8


Annual reviews