Why Guided Pathways at DVC?

Guided Pathways: Planning, Implementation, EvaluationCreating guided pathways requires managing and sustaining large-scale transformational change.

The work begins with thorough planning, continues through consistent implementation, and depends on ongoing evaluation.

The goals are to improve rates of college completion, transfer, and attainment of jobs with value in the labor market — and to achieve equity in those outcomes.

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Too few students develop and reach their educational goals in a timely manner, resulting in equity gaps in student success. Fragmented college initiatives to date have not solved this problem. We need to transform the college to increase timely success for all of our student populations.

Watch this video to learn more:

To learn even more, watch this excellent video from Washington State.


Clarify the Paths (Interest Areas)

Mapping all programs to transfer and career and include these features

  • Detailed information on target career and transfer outcomes
  • Course sequences, critical courses, embedded credentials, and progress milestones
  • Math and other core coursework aligned to each program of study

Archived Guided Pathways Materials

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