Communication Committee

(Established 3.6.19)

Committee Description

The Communication Committee is an operational committee that works to improve all aspects of communications at Diablo Valley College. This committee values and is responsible for the development of an inclusive process which allows for broad involvement by those impacted by the committee’s work. This process will ensure that both those who craft and those who receive communications will have opportunities to provide input. There will be periodic evaluations of progress to improve internal and external communications. The committee will focus on the following audiences:

  • Internal communication with employees: The goal is to ensure that important decisions, events and activities within the college are described in plain language to all employees, and that employees are able to communicate to the administration with feedback. Communication may be verbal, in print, or on the website.
  • Internal communication with existing students: The goal is to use student centered plain language, common terms, and consistent brand messaging to communicate with current students throughout the stages of the student experience. Communication may be verbal, in print, or on the website.
  • External communication with potential students: The goal is to use plain language, common terms, and consistent brand messaging on the website, in printed marketing materials, and in outreach activities (including verbal messages) to ensure a coordinated communication strategy to our potential students.
  • External communication with community partners and the community at large: The goal is to use plain language, common terms, and consistent messaging on the website, in marketing and public relations materials and in verbal presentations to promote DVC’s role in the community.

Committee Charge

The Communication Committee will:

  • hold broad conversations to develop common terminology, a clear definition of student centered plain language, and ideal communication strategies for each audience above,
  • draft policies, standards, and practice guidelines for orderly and effective communication with each audience above, based on broad conversations throughout campus,
  • develop a communication plan that addresses all the above audiences, allows for two-way communication with each group, and establishes a master calendar (timeline) of communications to each audience,
  • after the plan has been established, periodically survey employees, students and the community to assess the effectiveness of the plan and recommend improvements,
  • provide professional development opportunities for all those who communicate broadly with any of the identified audiences, to ensure communications are written in student centered plain language using consistent terminology and including current branding and messaging,
  • clarifies college and district roles and responsibilities with communications for the four identified audiences listed above.

Reporting Structure

The Communication Committee reports to College Council. The committee provides regular updates and makes recommendations to College Council on implementation of college wide communication issues.


  • Marketing Director
  • Senior Dean of Career and Community Partnerships
  • Outreach Manager
  • Dean of Student Engagement
  • Recruitment and Retention Representative
  • Sr. Web Administrator
  • 2 Faculty
  • 2 Classified Staff
  • 2 Students
  • San Ramon Representative
  • Recommended: Marketing Director, one faculty and one classified staff Tri-Chairs


The committee will initially meet monthly (or more frequently if required) on an ongoing basis.