Safety Committee

(Adoption 03-21-18)


The District recognizes its obligation to provide a safe working environment for all employees and students that is as free as possible from any health and safety hazard. According to the District and College Roles, Responsibilities and Service Outcomes Functional Map, DVC is to Develop and maintain college safety programs and reports. (p. 32, item 4.)

DVC will provide ongoing communications and training available to all employees in the prevention of injuries and emergency response. Training shall be accomplished as a joint effort between the Safety Committee, District Human Resources, District Facilities and Operations, District Police Services and the appropriate managers and supervisors. The DVC Safety Committee will provide oversight to ensure that these trainings and communications are being provided. Accreditation Standard III.B.1

Under the oversight of the Safety Committee:

Outcomes Process

The college will provide support for an active Safety Monitor Program administered by the management team


The Safety Committee will provide oversight to ensure that the DVC management team is fully engaged in the Safety Monitor Program. Each manager is assigned a location to provide oversight and ensure that the building occupants have the training and resources they need to manage most common emergencies.

The college will have an emergency preparedness plan, which will include evacuation planning and other ongoing preparedness activities


The Safety Committee will work with district police services to ensure that an updated emergency preparedness plan is in place for DVC, that the plan is accessible to the committee and other appropriate people, police services will provide guidance and training on how to use this plan in the event of an emergency.

The college will provide ongoing campus wide training on safety related matters


The Safety Committee will work with the college professional development, Management Council, Academic Senate Council, Classified Senate Council and ASDVC to ensure that the safety concerns of the campus body are taken into consideration in providing for ongoing campus wide training activities.

The college will provide a forum/ communication channel for the campus community to ask questions and discuss general safety concerns.

The Safety Committee will arrange a forum once per semester where campus police and the Safety Operational Workgroup can answer questions and address concerns around general campus safety issues and training. In addition to the forums, the Safety Committee will also work to provide a communication channel where the campus community can report and discuss campus safety concerns.

The college will have a Safety Communication Plan that will include regular communications to the campus community to raise awareness of safety and preparedness activities and disseminate safety information.

The Safety Committee will create a Safety Communication Plan to regularly inform the campus of safety related issues, to raise awareness that there is a safety preparedness program on campus, to disseminate safety information, to inform the campus of training opportunities, and to provide forum information.

The college will ensure ongoing safety professional development activities in Management Council, Academic Senate Council, Classified Senate Council and ASDVC.

The Safety Committee will work with police services to ensure that there is a regular schedule to provide at least some safety professional development at the following college governance body meetings: Management Council, Academic Senate Council, Classified Senate Council and ASDVC.


Recommendations to College Council, March 21, 2018

Safety Committee Outcomes

Safety Committee Annual Report 2022-2023