Workforce Development Committee

Revised: September 2004

Revised: August 2012

Revised: February 2018

Revised: September  2018



·       Develop, implement, and evaluate the Workforce Development Plan, the Perkins Plan, and the Strong Workforce Plan as articulated in the Education Master Plan

·       Provide support to the Dean of Workforce Development, CE coordinators, and Community Partnership Liaison on the implementation of plans

·       Provide advice/suggestions/recommendations regarding issues related to career education programs

·       Ensure coordination among career education programs, and with student services

·       Evaluate and approve subcommittee activities and projects

·       Propose new projects and CE programs

·       Evaluate/monitor the success of programs

·       Assist in improving programs

·       Provide evidence to support college accreditation


Meeting Times/Days: Once a month and when necessary as listed on the campus meeting calendar linked to the DVC homepage.

 Reporting Status:  College Council.  Reports to the Dean of Workforce Development for implementation of the Plan.  Academic and professional matters will be referred to the Academic Senate and then reported to College Council.

Co-chair Structure:  Dean of Workforce Development and one faculty elected by the committee. 


1 Instructional Administrator

1 Student Services Administrator

6 Career Education faculty *including the Committee Co-Chair (one member from the Academic Senate may be appointed by the Academic Senate if none of the faculty committee members serves on Academic Senate Council).

1 Counseling faculty

1 Classified staff member (career education program coordinator performing WRKX or related service)

1 Classified Community Partnership Liaison

1 Classified Career and Transfer services staff member

1 student (enrolled in CE program)

 Terms of Membership: Two years- may be reappointed for additional terms