Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee

Adopted: February 22, 2010
Revised:   October 10, 2011 (updates/corrections March 12, 2021)

Charge and Function

  • To enhance the effectiveness of the college through active implementation of the District Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (HR Procedure 1010.01);
  • To act as an advisory committee to the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer;
  • To review the college's hiring process and to make recommendations to enhance equal employment opportunity, staff diversity* and disability access;
  • To ensure that district employees who participate on screening or  selection  committees receive appropriate training on state and federal nondiscrimination laws, cultural competence, and the benefits of employee diversity;
  • To monitor progress on recruiting, hiring and retaining a diverse faculty and staff, and  to provide access to employment for persons with disabilities.

*As defined by State and District Policy

Meeting Dates

Spring 2021: March 11; April 14 and May 12 from 4pm to 5pm via Zoom.

Previously: Twice a year: once at the beginning of the fall term and a  second meeting prior to the spring hiring process (more often as needed). Meeting dates and times will also be listed on the campus meeting calendar linked to the DVC homepage.

Reporting Status

Reports to the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer and as needed to the College Council.


Selected from the committee members


  • 2 Faculty - appointed by Academic Senate to include one at large and one from United Faculty leadership
  • 2 Classified - one appointed by Classified Senate and one from Local 1
  • 2 Administrations - appointed by the College President
  • 1 Student - appointed by ASDVC (one year term) Equal Employment Opportunity or Diversity Affairs Officer **

Terms of Membership

Two-year staggered term