Developmental Education Committee


The Committee will support and oversee DVC’s Developmental Education Strategic Plan, determine strategic initiatives for yearly focus based upon program review and the College’s strategic directions, and coordinate funding activities related to the Statewide Basic Skills Initiative funds. This will include:

  1. Providing a college-wide forum for and evaluation of basic skills activities and initiatives across the college.
  2. Working with the Developmental Education Co-coordinators to continue to integrate success for underprepared and ESL students into the goals of the college.
  3. Issuing Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for innovative strategies and activities that will equitably increase underprepared student success.
  4. Evaluating proposals from RFPs and from program reviews to allocate developmental education funding commensurate with the college’s strategic plan, the Developmental Education Master Plan, and state Basic Skills Initiative guidelines.
  5. Monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on the success of the implemented Dev Ed proposals, and the status of developmental education at the college.  Reporting will include the state BSI report.

Notes on Charge for Dev Ed 2020-2021

Guiding Principles

DVC is not in a Post-Dev Ed world. We still need to find the target students to support.
We must ensure we do not lose or lose sight of those students.

Current Activities that Should be Sustained/Developed

Provide support for:

  • Professional Development focused on pedagogy
  • Student curricular support inside and outside the classroom
  • Communication and Collaboration between areas and departments (e.g. RWAC, Flex, Institutes) 
Areas to Improve/Grow
  • Need to broaden Dev Ed support within departments beyond Math and English (i.e. pedagogical support) 
  • Need to effectively bring a Dev Ed voice to Guided Pathways 
  • Need to develop/support a holistic approach to supporting students who do not pass courses under AB 705 placement. Develop mechanism/process to retain students and support/guide repeating students (e.g. starfish, retention specialists, etc.)

Fall 2021 Meeting Dates

The Developmental Education Committee meets on the first Thursday of the month from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm via Zoom. For the Zoom information, please contact Ian Thomas-Bignami or Julie Walters, Co-Chairs. 

The meeting dates for fall are:

  • Thursday, September 2 
  • Thursday, October 7
  • Thursday, November 4
  • Thursday, December 2