Student Equity and Success Committee


The Student Equity and Success Committee (SES) advances the vision and goals of the 2018-23 Educational Master Plan (EMP) and the newly adopted 2018 Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs). Moreover, the SES Committee integrates objectives and efforts of college plans that influence the conditions for equity and student success. Integrating plans helps to ensure goals are shared and that the activities of the college are regularly evaluated and focused on achieving those goals. It is for these reasons the SES Committee exists in conjunction with the college wide governance committees; Budget Committee, Research, Planning and Evaluation Committee, and Program Review Committee. The SES Committee work in collaboration with the Academic Senate on all academic and professional matters. 

Charge & Function

The Student Equity and Success Committee monitors, evaluates and advances the institutional level progress on achieving the Educational Master Plan outcomes for equitable student success.  The committee supports the college’s efforts to improve equitable student success.  It also makes recommendations on how to improve the student experience, college-wide and community outcomes, providing a holistic framework to understand and improve the conditions impacting student success.     

  • SES Committee facilitates institutional progress in reducing the equity gap by promoting inclusion, engagement and student success.
  • SES Committee, aligns college initiatives that promote increasing student success.
  • SES Committee facilitates institutional collaboration and alignment in the implementation of the DVC Guided Pathways Plan.
  • SES Committee develops the DVC Student Equity Plan per California Title 5 ( 54220) for the college.
  • SES Committee facilitates department collaboration in the implementation Educational Code, Section 78222, Student Equity and Achievement Program at DVC.
  • SES Committee develops in conjunction with the College Council, Program Review Committee and Research, Planning and Evaluation Committee, and Academic Senate, the goals and metrics of Student Equity and Achievement Program on student equity and success.
  • SES Committee recommends to College Council the goals and metrics on student equity and success for the Student Equity and Achievement Program. (College Council makes the final recommendation on all college goals.)
  • SES Committee, in partnership with the Budget Committee, provides budget oversight of Student Equity and Achievement Program funds.
  • SES Committee reports to College Council the application process for college wide distribution of funds within approved categories and the ongoing distribution of those funds as approved in the Integrated Plan.
  • SES Committee works collaboratively in conjunction with the Academic Senate on all academic and professional matters.

Student Equity and Success Membership

Co-Chairs from Membership Appointments

  • 1 appointed by Academic Senate
  • 1 appointed by Classified Senate
  • 1 appointed by Management

Committee Membership: Expertise of membership listed below

  • Classified:
    • 4 Classified Members At-Large

  • Faculty:
    • 1 Faculty from English
    • 1 Faculty from Math
    • 1 Faculty from Student Equity Workgroup
    • 1 Faculty from Counseling

  • Managers:
    • 1 Manager from Matriculation, 3SP
    • 1 Vice President of Student Services
    • 1 Manager from Current Learning Community/Equity
    • 1 Dean from Instruction

  • Students:
    • 1 ASDVC Student President or Designee (voting member)

  • One position filled by an SRC representative

  • Ex-Officio Members: Non-Voting
    • Guided Pathway Representative
    • Research Representative
    • 2 ASDVC Members At-Large

Meeting times/day

Once per month ( more frequently as needed)

Reporting Structure

Reports to College Council