Health Advisories

Air Quality Advisory - September 20, 2023

With the current weather conditions, smoke from Northern California and Southern Oregon is blanketing the bay area. Under the current conditions, the Air Quality Index recommends that members of sensitive groups avoid prolonged or heavy exertion and conduct activities indoors.  The college will be moving activity courses and other outdoor activities indoors and if necessary will cancel or relocate athletic events to other venues.  The college will continue to monitor air quality on our two campuses and provide updates if the air quality deteriorates and/or poor air quality continues.

If you are a member of a sensitive group, please take your individual health needs into effect in determining outside activity levels this week. We have asked faculty to work individually with students to address their specific needs and to make accommodations.

According to the forecast, the air quality looks like it will improve. In the meantime, please take care of your own specific health needs.

COVID-19 information  

Diablo Valley College is here to support you. We are committed to the health and well-being of our students, employees, and community. The guidelines below are essential in keeping you, and our entire community safe.

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