Student Face Coverings

Student Requirements & Employee Guidance

Student Requirements

As required by Contra Costa Health Services, all students are required to wear a face covering on all CCCCD campuses when indoors in the presence of other people.

If a student is requesting a medical exemption from wearing a face covering, students should contact Disabled Student Services/Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSS/DSPS) prior to coming on campus to request an accommodation.

Students who do not comply with the requirement to wear a face covering will be subject to sanctions based on the CCCCD Student Code of Conduct.

Employee Guidance

When helping our students to comply with the face covering requirement, it is recommended that employees follow these steps PRIOR to contacting Police Services.

  1. If possible, take the student to a private space to speak and do the following:
    1. Explain the requirement that students wear a face covering whenever they are indoors in the presence of other people.
    2. Ask that the student put on a face covering. If the student does not have a face covering, provide them with a disposable face covering.
    3. If the student continues to refuse to put on a face covering, ask for and record the student’s name and ID number. Inform the student that they are required to leave the building immediately.
  2. If the student refuses to leave the building, explain that they will be subject to Student Code of Conduct sanctions and will be required to leave campus. If the department/program manager is immediately available, they should be asked to assist in this stage of response.
  3. If the student continues to refuse to wear a face covering or leave campus, the employee can call Police Services for support to assist in responding to the situation. As a reminder, please note that calling Police Services should be a last resort.

After addressing the situation with the student, if a student refused to wear a face covering or to leave the area, all employees should notify the college Student Conduct officer (how, where? I suspect that many won’t know who this is on their campus or how to contact them). The conduct officer will follow up with the student directly. Note: The Student Conduct Officer may not be able to respond immediately and adjudication of the conduct case may take several days.

Employees should request appropriate assistance as needed, and at no time should an employee feel obligated to put themselves in a situation in which they feel unsafe. If you are not comfortable speaking with the student, request assistance from another employee or any manager.