About the DVC Counseling Department

The DVC Counseling Department faculty, staff and management are committed to providing you with accurate and timely information as well as the support you need to accomplish the goals that you set forth for yourself. We provide academic, career, and personal counseling and encourage students to meet with a counselor once a term.

PHC Location (Pleasant Hill Campus  321 Golf Club Road, Pleasant Hill)

We are located on the top floor of the Student Services Center (SSC). See the campus map.

Contact us

  • Front Desk Phone: 925-969-2140
  • Front Desk Fax:  925-687-2097

Emily Stone
Dean of Counseling and Student Success Programs

Administrative Assistant
Carrie Sadighian
email: csadighian@dvc.edu

Counseling Department Chairs/Steering

San Ramon Location

1690 Watermill Road, San Ramon

We are located in the Administration Lobby/West Building.

Contact us

  • SRC Front Desk Phone: 925-551-6209
  • SRC Faculty Department Chair; Carolyn Warren (cawarren@dvc.edu)

Classified Staff Supervisor

Cathy Walton-Woodson
Counseling Office Supervisor
email: cwoodson@dvc.edu

List of Counselors

Our Mission Statement

Our mission in the Diablo Valley College Counseling Department is to offer professional, dynamic and progressive counseling services dedicated to assisting students in the pursuit of their academic, personal and career goals. Our work is to advocate and build equitable avenues for belonging, discovery, growth and accomplishment of our student’s educational and career goals.

We strive to influence institutional, societal, and personal success by inspiring all students to develop their potential, become life-long learners and recognize the power they have to make a positive impact in our diverse and ever-changing world.

Our Core Values: J.U.S.T.I.C.E. 


We engage with all students with dignity and respect regardless of their gender, creed, and ethnicity. We honor their differences.


We will collaborate with faculty and staff both within our department and across the college campus to promote and support positive outcomes for our students in order to enhance their college experience and meet equity gaps that hinder our student’s success.


In our partnerships with our faculty and staff colleagues, we use metrics to measure our success in academic performance, retention, graduation, and transfer rates. We continually participate in training regionally and nationally in order to deliver accurate and evidence based information to our students and college community.


We will engage with our campus and partners by supporting activities that promote campus community.


We analyze and evaluate qualitative and quantitative information of our services in order to plan, implement, and increase our effectiveness in helping our students.


We believe in the quality of our connection with students, and strive to help our students feel valued, respected, and a sense of belonging at DVC.


Our department values diversity and inclusion. We demonstrate this in our hiring, outreach, and counseling of our students.