Student Success Programs

At Diablo Valley College, we are committed to the success of our diverse student body. We offer a number of specific programs and learning communities aimed at helping students maximize their potential as they work toward their personal, academic, and career goals. Please review the list below and feel free to contact our counselors and coordinators with any questions.

Athletic Counseling 

DVC's athletic academic advising is designed to support student-athletes in their efforts toward academic success in achieving their educational, personal, and professional goals. Student-athletes will work closely with DVC Athletic Academic Counselors to develop individual student education plans and to discuss academic and career goals. NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), COA (Commission on Athletics) and DVC regulations as well as campus services for student-athletes will be emphasized. 

For more information: DVC Athletics 

Athletic Counselors


CalWORKs is designed to provide comprehensive student services to student parents who receive cash assistance from the Employment and Human Services Department and are enrolled at DVC.  The program provides coordinated services for child-care, work-study, job development and job placement assistance, and personal and professional development.  Students in CalWORKs at DVC will also work closely a CalWORKs Counselor to help them accomplish their academic and career goals.

For more information: CalWORKs

CalWORKs Counselor 

  • Erick Munoz

Disability Support Services (DSS) 

DSS creates equal opportunity and access for all students, regardless of their disability. It provides support services based on an individual’s needs to ensure equity and inclusion in learning. DSS serves students with every manner of disability, including learning, physical, mental health, other health, deafness and hearing loss, blindness and vision loss, ADHD, and autism. Students in DSS will work closely with a DSS Counselor to help them accomplish their academic and career goals. 

For more information: DSS

DSS Counselors


Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)
Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE)  

EOPS is designed to promote the academic success of students who are educationally underrepresented in higher education.  Students work closely with dedicated EOPS/CARE Counselors to help them reach their academic and career goals. Other services include help paying for books, priority registration, tutoring, UC/CSU Application fee waivers, and more… Additional support is available for single parent students, with children under 14 and are participating in CalWORKs/TANF.

For more information: EOPS/CARE  

EOPS Counselors

International Student Program 

International Student Program helps international students succeed in their educational goals at Diablo Valley College (DVC) and beyond. In collaboration with the International Student Office (ISO), students will work closely with International Counselors for support throughout the educational journey. The International Student Office (ISO) at DVC is available to help apply for and gain admission to DVC as well as understand the various immigration laws and regulations that affect international students in the United States.

For more information: International Student Office 

International Counselors

Foster Youth Program (START + NextUp) 

START and NextUp are support programs designed to increase access, retention, and graduation rates for current or former foster youth at DVC. START and NextUp provide a warm and welcoming environment, a support network, and empower foster youth students to make progress towards self-sufficiency, professional success, and community leadership. Students in START + NextUp will work closely with a designated Foster Youth Counselor to support them in achieving their academic and career goals.

For more information: Foster Youth Services

START + NextUp Counselor           


DVC Veterans Services is honored to assist veterans, guardsmen, and reservists, in receiving their military benefits; facilitate their transition into academic life; and support their ongoing academic success.

For more information: Veteran Services

Veterans Counselors

Learning Communities

Learning Communities consist of a small class size of students who are enrolled together in two or more linked courses in a single semester, around a specific theme such as culture, academic field/major, or phase of life. When you join a Learning Community, you can expect to foster personal growth and academic success by forming close friendships and building community at DVC. 

First Year Experience (FYE) Learning Community

FYE logoThe FYE Program was designed especially the first-time college student, to assist in transition from high school to campus life at DVC. Starting college can be both stressful and exciting, but as part of the FYE community, students have support. FYE helps students learn about campus resources, connect with a DVC Counselor, create an education plan, explore major and career options, develop college study skills, and develop lasting friendships at DVC.

For more information: FYE Learning Community

FYE Counselor/Coordinator

MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievement) 

MESA logoMESA is a statewide program for educationally and economically underrepresented students majoring in calculus- based Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) fields. The program is a vibrant community of students, faculty and STEM professionals working together to support STEM students. Students in this program will work closely with a dedicated MESA Counselor to support them in pursuing their academic and career goals.

For more information: MESA

MESA Counselor

PACE (Program for Adult  College Education)  Learning Community 

PACE logoPACE is a learning community designed to support working adults in completing their educational goals in a timely manner. Classes are offered in an online or hybrid format and are geared to help students balance the demands of a full-time job, a family, and an education.  Students in PACE receive reserved seating in general education courses and holistic academic advising from dedicated PACE Counselors.

For more Information: PACE

PACE Counselors

Community of Pride

Community of Pride logoThis is a learning community designed for our LGBTQIA+ students and allies. We recognize that it is important for queer and trans students to find a safe, supportive, and loving community on campus, and Community of Pride exists to fill this need. You will take classes focused on queer-specific content and build community at DVC with like-minded students and instructors.

For more information: Community of Pride

Community of Pride Coordinators

Puente Learning Community 

Puente logoThe Puente Project is an award-winning program that has helped thousands of students reach their dreams of college success.  “Puente means "bridge" in Spanish. As the name suggests, Puente helps students build bridges to higher education. At DVC, Puente is a learning community focused on supporting students from educationally underrepresented backgrounds through the process of transferring to four-year colleges and universities. Puente students develop a strong support system through the relationships they build with peers, faculty members, and community mentors. Students in Puente will work closely with a Puente Counselor to help them reach their academic and career goals.

For more information: Puente

Puente Counselors

Umoja Learning Community 

Umoja logoUmoja (a Kiswahili word meaning unity). Umoja is a learning community dedicated to the academic success, personal growth, and self-actualization of African American and other students. To provide students with the support they need to achieve educational excellence, the Umoja program at DVC has defined four program goals: (1) Community Building, (2) Academic Success Skill and Transfer Readiness, (3) Holistic Wellness, and (4) Social Justice, Empowerment & Leadership Development. Strong bonds with mentors, instructors, and other Umoja students are an integral part of the Umoja experience. Umoja students will also work closely with an Umoja Counselor to help them achieve their academic and career goals.

For more information: Umoja Program

Umoja Counselor (Instructor/Counselor and Co-Coordinator)