Transfer and Articulation Information

Transfer and Articulation Information

This information is provided to help DVC students transfer from DVC to four-year colleges and universities. DVC maintains Articulation Agreements with many colleges and universities to facilitate the transfer process.

Transfer Information

DVC offers many resources to aid students in a successful transfer process including maintaining articulation agreements, offering transfer workshops, providing counseling services, and hosting university representatives for appointments and at events including transfer fairs.

To learn more about the transfer process and what resources are available to you, visit DVC Transfer Services.

Articulation Information

Assist logoArticulation Agreements are formal agreements between educational institutions.  In California, community colleges and four-year colleges have established pathways for students to view how their courses count towards degree requirements at the local college and also at the transfer institution.

Assist is the official repository of articulation agreements for California public colleges and universities (UC and CSU).

These agreements can be viewed either by department or by major. Students often find the agreements BY MAJOR to be most helpful. How do I use ASSIST to find transfer information?

For CSU Updates not available on Assist use the CSU Major & Course-to-Course Articulation Agreement Updates.


How to Use Assist: ASSIST Tutorials

Diablo Valley College also maintains agreements with some Private and Out of State transfer institutions.

While every effort is made to keep this information up to date, students should discuss this information with a counselor to be sure it is accurate and that you understand it properly.