4CD Mindfulness Community

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The 4CD Mindfulness Community exists to enhance the quality of life for students and employees as they pursue their education and professional goals through proven neuroscience-based techniques that:

  • Strengthen 3 brain networks that lead to stress resilience and wise self-leadership
  • Lower stress and inflammation in the body leading to improved immunity
  • Enable behavior change by disrupting old habit loops in the brain and more readily adopting new healthy lifestyle habits.

Community members can “train their brain” to:

  • better respond to adversity,
  • enhance creativity, and
  • apply critical thinking skills in the classroom, workplace, and home.

Students and employees can participate in the community through the Wise@Work app and/or joining the live Zoom meeting on Fridays from 12 pm - 12:30 pm.

How to attend live 30-minute sessions

To register and attend any live session just click the blue button below.

  • Students must use their insite@4cd.edu email
  • Employees must use their @email.4cd.edu email

Attend Live Zoom Meeting

Wise at Work

How to Get the Wise@Work app

The Wise@Work app provides a library of curated, neuroscience-based trainings and practices to address the challenges facing 4CD students and employees.  Follow the steps outlined in this video to obtain premium access to Wise@Work.

Students must use their insite.4cd.edu email address for premium access to Wise@Work. College Employees must use their College (contracosta.edu, dvc.edu, or losmedanos.edu email addresses. District Office employees must use their 4cd.edu email addresses.


For more information about the DVC Mindfulness Community for Students or the Wise@Work app, contact Eric Moss at emoss@dvc.edu.