Petition to Repeat a Course

Please read the directions carefully before filling out this petition

  1. If you have only taken this course ONCE and received an F, NP, D, W, or incomplete grade DO NOT fill out this form. A petition to repeat is only required if you have earned TWO substandard grades or TWO "Ws" (or a combination).
  2. Classes in progress CANNOT be reviewed until FINAL grades are posted. Make sure to submit your petition once all your grades are posted.
  3. Allow 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS for the petition to be processed (or longer during peak registration times).
  4. Petitions are only good for the semester you are requesting to repeat, if you previously submitted a petition for this course and would like to update the semester email
  5. Check your Insite email for the final decision, DO NOT SUBMIT DUPLICATE PETITIONS!

If you received an “EW” for any reason, please remember this does not count as an attempt. You will only need to submit this petition if the “EW” was received on your third attempt.

Please fill out the petition to repeat form here.