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Success Story: Aurora Byrne, DVC English Graduate

Jan 17, 2017

I was a reentry student in my 30’s when I returned to DVC. I had been out of work since the recession, and had little confidence in my capabilities, but knew that education could give me a second chance.

architecture and engineering, psychology

Kevin Griffin UC Davis transfer student

Jan 2, 2017

Griffin came to DVC from the Life Academy of Health and Bioscience, a small high school in Oakland.

Life at Diablo Valley College – Taking the Road Less Traveled from Dublin High School

Dec 21, 2016

Choosing to go to a community college after graduation is quite the taboo risk in Dublin. Articles in this ‘Life In College’ section cover students that go to amazing four year schools, and here I am writing about my life at Diablo Valley College.


Music Department Video and Accomplishments

Dec 14, 2016

Learn more about our music program, including faculty and student accomplishments in their respective fields of research, teaching, service, scholarship and creative works.


Dance Success Stories

Dec 14, 2016

Come dance with us! We welcome dancers of all levels and genres who want to expand their knowledge in dance and/or pursue a career with dance as an emphasis. Students in the dance program will gain a comprehensive understanding of this exciting field through studying core dance technique courses in ballet, modern, and jazz dance. The program also offers classes in various other dance genres such as hip hop, tap, and salsa/latin dance.