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DVC's Dr. Amer Araim works to build bridges between American Muslims and other communities

Jan 19, 2017

Dr. Amer Araim, part-time instructor at Diablo Valley College, works to build bridges between the American Muslim community and other communities, and to promote peace and harmony.

faculty, Applied and Fine Arts

Mark Messenger

Jan 19, 2017

Mark Messenger, professor in the DVC Art Department, spent six weeks of his sabbatical in Greece in an art residency program called the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts, or ‘SkopArt.’

psychology, architecture and engineering

Kevin Griffin UC Davis transfer student

Jan 2, 2017

Griffin came to DVC from the Life Academy of Health and Bioscience, a small high school in Oakland.

Life at Diablo Valley College – Taking the Road Less Traveled from Dublin High School

Dec 21, 2016

Choosing to go to a community college after graduation is quite the taboo risk in Dublin. Articles in this ‘Life In College’ section cover students that go to amazing four year schools, and here I am writing about my life at Diablo Valley College.