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Contra Costa Community College District Governing Board Announces Partnership between DVC and United Latino Voices

Aug 16, 2023

The Contra Costa Community College District (4CD) Governing Board (Board) approved a one-year community partnership with United Latino Voices (ULV) to assist in increasing the successful college-going culture within the Latinx community.

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Mom & DACA Student Finds Stability with a Tech Major

Aug 14, 2023

Success story: DVC alumna Wendy Karen Gomez Flores always wanted to work in the tech industry and in business management.


From DVC to PhD, Kortney Stern is Following Her Dreams

Aug 14, 2023

As a struggling high school student Kortney Stern had a hard time picturing herself ever attending college let alone someday earning a PhD. But that's exactly what unfolded for this first-generation college graduate who attributes DVC with her rewarding career direction, her confidence to earn advanced degrees and her success as a college instructor.


Puente Gives Stephanie Confidence to Achieve Her Dreams

Aug 8, 2023

As a high school senior, Stephanie Ramos Navarro had no idea what she wanted out of life. She was certain that she wanted to pursue an education but was unclear which direction to take. And she was about to be the first (out of 32 grandchildren) in her family to set foot on a college campus.

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For Jordan Davis DVC Felt Like Home The Moment He Stepped On Campus

Aug 8, 2023

Jordan Davis explored multiple community colleges before choosing Diablo Valley College. It was a meeting with Football Coach, Mike Darr, that convinced Jordan that DVC was the right place to achieve his goals.