EOPS/CARE Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact the EOPS/CARE staff for answers to any of your EOPS/CARE-related questions. You can reach us at 925-969-2117 or email eopscare@dvc.edu.

Application process and eligibility criteria

EOPS summer program

Book voucher

EOPS Counseling

EOPS progress reports

Alert status

EOPS program benefits

How will EOPS notify me about my application or eligibility status?

EOPS communicates with all students through their DVC InSite Portal email account. You can access this account through your DVC InSite Portal account. To ensure you are receiving your communications, please be sure to check your official DVC email account regularly.


How long does it take to process my application?

The time it takes to complete the EOPS application processing varies among students but may take up to 2-3 weeks, depending on several factors:

  • completeness of application
  • date of submission of a complete application (the earlier during the application window the better) - applications received at the start of the term experience a longer processing time due to increased volume
  • enrollment in a previous college or university (transcripts from previously attended schools must be on file and evaluated by Admissions and Records)

Note: All applicants will receive an email in their DVC InSite Portal email account regarding their EOPS eligibility status. To ensure that you receive this notification, always check your DVC email account (@insite.4cd.edu) regularly.


When can I apply for EOPS?

EOPS is an impacted program and, therefore, space is limited each term. Budget permitting, we happily accept new applications during the fall and spring terms. Please visit the website to check on our new application filing dates.


How do I sign up for an orientation?

If you have been deemed eligible for the EOPS program, you will receive an email notifying you about your pending EOPS status. In order to be officially accepted in the program, you must attend an EOPS new student orientation. Once your application has been processed and you are deemed a potential EOPS student, you will receive an email inviting you to attend an orientation. This email will also describe the different orientation options and how to sign up.


How long can I be in EOPS?

As long as you meet all EOPS term eligibility requirements and maintain good standing with the program, you may stay in the EOPS until one of the following occurs:

  • You reach 70 degree-applicable units (Note: The 70 unit maximum includes cumulative units from any other college or university you may have attended in the past and even if you have changed your major).
  • You have transferred to another college.
  • You do not comply with the requirements of the program for a third term.
  • You drop all of your units during the term or finish the term with a 0.0 GPA.


​Why is there a 70 unit limit for being in EOPS? Does it apply even if I have not yet reached my educational goal?

California guidelines for EOPS state that EOPS is designed to help students with little or no college experience. Once you have reached 70 cumulative degree applicable units, even if you have not completed your major, you have demonstrated success at the college level. Because EOPS is an impacted program with a limited number of spaces, the state limits how long students can remain in the program so that spaces open up for eligible new students to take advantage of EOPS services.


​What is a 70 unit evaluation? Why do I need to complete one?

Once you get close to reaching 70 units in EOPS, your EOPS Program Assistant will request that you complete a 70 unit evaluation. You will receive an email requesting this evaluation. The 70 unit evaluation is an hour-long counseling appointment, which will count as one of your required visits. The counselor will determine how many of your completed units are degree applicable. Even if you have changed your major, all degree applicable units may apply toward the 70 unit limit. However, units earned in ESL or basic skills coursework are exempt from the 70 unit limit. Additionally, some high-unit majors, such as nursing or the sciences, are exempt from the 70 unit limit. The evaluation will be sent to the EOPS Office and the EOPS manager will determine your last term in EOPS based on the evaluation.


Can I be in EOPS during the summer?

Although EOPS does not accept new applicants for the summer, when funding is available, EOPS does offer a limited summer program for continuing students in good standing. If a summer program is offered, the EOPS summer program is optional. You do not have to be a part of the summer program in order to continue as an EOPS student in the fall. However, if you do opt into the summer program, you must complete at least one scheduled EOPS counseling appointment and your required units. Your status in the summer program does impact your fall eligibility.


What are the summer EOPS term requirements?

For students who choose to remain in EOPS for the summer, the following requirements must be completed:

  • If funding allows for summer book vouchers, and you would like to receive this service, you must enroll in at least 3.0 units for the summer term.
  • Complete at lest 3.0 units in the summer term.
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA.
  • Complete one scheduled EOPS counseling visit (Note: A peer visit is not required for summer term eligibility).

Note: Summer classes are not required to maintain EOPS eligibility.


Can summer enrollment in EOPS affect my eligibility status?

Non-compliance with summer EOPS program requirements will impact your fall term status. Students who do not meet all summer requirements will be placed on alert status for the fall term. The summer EOPS program is optional for students.


When will I get my book voucher?

(for new EOPS students)

New students must attend an EOPS new student orientation before they are eligible to receive a book voucher. It can take up to 5-10 business days to issue a voucher once you complete the orientation and receive your book voucher eligibility email.

(for continuing EOPS students)

All continuing students will be notified via email of their status in the program and eligibility for a book voucher. Your eligibility email will stipulate the dates and times when book vouchers will be distributed in the EOPS Office.

If you are a continuing student on alert status level I, you must attend an EOPS Alert Workshop in order to receive your book voucher. It takes approximately 5-10 business days after attending an alert workshop and receiving your book voucher eligibility email to issue a voucher.

If you are a continuing student on alert status level II, you are not eligible to receive a book voucher for the term.


Can I buy my books online or at a store other than the DVC Book Center?

EOPS book vouchers are issued in the form of funds connected to your DVC student ID card. These funds are issued by the DVC Book Center and may be used at the DVC Book Center only. Book vouchers may be redeemed at the DVC Book Center in-person only. SRC students may request books at the SRC bookstore and use their book vouchers there. Book vouchers cannot be used at online retailers or other stores.

For Spring 2021, please review the EOPS home page for instructions about how to process a reimbursement during remote instruction and services.


Can I use my book voucher to buy school supplies?

Book vouchers can be used only for the purchase of textbooks that are required for the classes for which you are registered that term. You may not purchase supplies or dictionaries with the EOPS book voucher. Online textbook codes may be purchased with the voucher as long as the DVC Book Center can facilitate the purchase of the code. Note: if a dictionary is listed as a required text book on your course syllabus, you may purchase the dictionary with your EOPS voucher.

The purchase of duplicate textbooks or textbooks for a class in which you are not enrolled may subject you to loss of book voucher eligibility in future term.


Why does the book voucher not cover the entire cost of my books?

The amount of the book voucher varies each term depending on number of eligible students and available funding. EOPS offers book vouchers to help students offset the cost of purchasing textbooks but will not, in many cases, be able to cover the entire cost of textbooks for each student each term.


What if I have already bought my books?

If you need to buy textbooks before you have received your book voucher, you may be able to get reimbursed for those purchases up to the amount of the EOPS voucher. However, reimbursement is only good for textbooks purchased at the DVC Book Center. Please be sure to save the receipt. After you have received your book voucher, present your book voucher along with your receipt, and your student ID card, and the Book Center will reimburse you up to the amount of the book voucher. For Spring 2021, please review the EOPS home page for instructions about how to process a reimbursement during remote instruction and services.


What can I do while I am waiting for my book voucher?

If you are unable to purchase your books without a book voucher, we suggest borrowing or sharing a textbook with a classmate or checking whether a reserve copy is available in the library or that department's lab in the meantime.


Does my book voucher expire?

Book vouchers have an expiration date during the term they are issued. You will notified about the expiration date when you pick up your book voucher. Book vouchers MUST be redeemed by this date. No exceptions will be made.


Where do I go to meet with my EOPS counselor?

EOPS counseling appointments take place in the DVC Counseling Center. The Counseling Center is located on the second floor of the Student Services Center.

During remote services and instruction, EOPS counseling appointments are being conducted virtually over Zoom and by phone.


What is the purpose of the progress report?

The progress report is designed to provide EOPS students with valuable feedback on their academic performance. By getting feedback from instructors in the middle of the course, students will have time to seek help if they need it or other resources to continue their success. It allows instructors to intervene with students who are struggling and recognize those who are excelling. EOPS counselors also use the progress reports to get a complete picture of the student's academic performance so they can better advise students during their counseling sessions.


When should I complete the progress report?

It is recommended that students complete progress reports during the EOPS Progress Report month. For full-term classes, in the fall, Progress Report Month is October and, in the Spring Progress Report Month is March. For short-term/late-start classes, aim to get your progress reports completed by the midpoint of the course.


How do I receive credit for my progress reports once they are completed?

Progress reports can be submitted online using the online progress report link. The program will notify you when this link goes live and is available for use. After you initiate the progress report, your instructor will provide their feedback and submit it to the EOPS office.


How do I complete my progress report if I have an online class?

Progress reports for in-person, hybrid, and fully online courses all follow the same procedure. Use the online progress report link to complete a progress report for all your classes.


​Do I have to complete a progress report for all my classes?

Asking your instructors to complete a progress report for you is a great way to check your own academic progress in your classes. We advise students to complete one progress report for each of their academic classes. However, if you are signed up to take a one-day Saturday class or a 0.5 unit KINACT (formerly PE) class, you do not need to complete a progress report for these courses.


How many times a term do I have to complete a progress report?

You are only required to complete an EOPS progress report for each of your classes once per term. However, some students may opt to do a second progress report to continue to monitor their progress in their classes.


How/when should I approach my instructor about completing my progress report?

We recommend submitting progress reports after you have completed an important mid-term or paper. This will allow your instructor to more accurately assess how you are doing in the class.


What does alert status mean?

Students will be placed on EOPS Alert Status if they do not comply with one or more of the EOPS term requirements. Students may be "on alert" for a total of two term before they will be exited from the program. EOPS students on alert may get back into good standing by completing all EOPS term requirements.


Can I get a book voucher while I am on alert status?

Only those students who are on Alert Status Level I (first-time alert) will be eligible to receive a book voucher. In order for Alert Status Level I students to receive a book voucher, they must attend an "Alert Workshop" offered during the beginning of the term (if you do not attend an alert workshop, you will not receive a book voucher). Alert Status Level II students (second-time alert) are not eligible for a book voucher until they comply with all EOPS term requirements and return to good standing.


How long can I be on alert status?

Students may be on alert a total of two times.


How do I get back into good standing with the EOPS program?

Students can get back into good standing by completing all EOPS Tools for Success (semester requirements) during the term they are on alert.


What happens if I cannot get back into good standing?

If you are unable to complete all EOPS term requirements and do not get back into good standing with EOPS, you will be notified by mail that you will be exited from the EOPS program. You will need to wait one term (summer does not count) before re-applying for the EOPS program. Spaces are limited, so your acceptance in the program when you re-apply is not guaranteed.


How do I get EOPS tutoring?

EOPS tutors are available to answer questions Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., January 25 - May 20, 2021.

To receive services, students can either join the tutoring Zoom room during tutoring hours or by email one of the tutors directly to request assistance:


Are there any programs for current or former foster youth?

The Student Transition and Academic Retention Team at DVC (START @ DVC) is a special program designed to meet the needs of current and former foster youth currently or interested in attending DVC. The START program is located in the same EOPS Office suite and collaborates frequently with EOPS. Services include assisting youth with the DVC application process, enrollment and registration in classes, and completion of financial aid and EOPS applications. Additionally, throughout the year, START hosts events and activities such as student social events and academic workshops to help students develop personally and academically. Please visit the START webpage for more information.


Are there any programs for high school students?

Recent high school graduates, and incoming high school juniors and seniors are invited to participate in the EOPS-sponsored Summer Institute program, a six-week summer bridge program at DVC. Students take courses together as a learning community and participate in special events and activities including field trips to local colleges and universities, free community lunches, and an end of summer recognition celebration.

The Summer Institute is a great way for students to get a feel for the college experience while making new friends, creating an educational plan, and build important college skills. Visit our Summer Institute web page for more information.