Student Advisory Council

As DVC recognizes the value of student perspective, this Council informs the recommendations and decisions of the Guided Pathway Steering Team (GPST) as it strives to improve DVC’s student experience and success. By sharing what is working, what needs fixing, and what would make the DVC experience better from a student perspective, the Council will provide unique information as part of the GPST to the student experience stages: connect, entry, through, and out. The Student Advisory Council will inform if considered actions will be useful, meaningful, and effective. It is expected the Council will be an important GPST partner, especially in meeting our tangible goals of increasing retention, decreasing completion time and closing the equity gaps.

We want to hear from as many different student backgrounds as possible. We want to reflect our diverse student demographics, their career and educational goals at the Pleasant Hill and San Ramon campuses. Some students may fill multiple areas with an important focus on diversity, equity, ethnic and racial representation. This survey is personal and confidential. Rest assured that your responses will not be used for any other purposes than that of the Student Advisory Council Coordinator to select a well-rounded Council to advise the Steering Committee.

Student Advisory Council interest survey